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Music Online: Classical Scores Library: Searching the Alexander Street Platform

Searching using the Platform/Home page

Institutional holdings will vary, so search menus and results may look different than what is shown here. 

product homepageThe homepage has a number of resources.  We show key parts numbered in the image on the right. 

#1 In the upper right menu is the search across the platform.  Click on the search icon to open up the search box.

#2 In the menu just below the red link is the link to the Advanced Search form.

#3 In the far upper right corner is the login for personal user accounts (so users can create clips and playlists).

#4 In the upper left corner is the menu icon (sometimes known as the hamburger).  Clicking on that icon supresses/restores the navigation menu found just below the red line.

#5 Below the menu is the counter that shows content available. 

#6 Found just below the current promotional videos, is a link to the help page.  The help link also appears in the footer of each page.

Click on the logo, in the top center of the page, to return to this page at any time.