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ARTbibliographies Modern (ABM): Sample Searches

The premier source of information on modern and contemporary arts

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Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to ARTbibliographies Modern (ABM) through your organization. 

Sample Searches

Basic Search

To find information in ABM on forgeries, simply type forgery (or forgeries) in the basic search form.  NOTE:  at this point you can check boxes related to narrowing by only Peer reviewed and/or Scholarly journals.  Or you can wait for the results to determine if you want to narrow or not.

You will receive the entire list of results typically sorted by relevancy.  (And it may be searching all fields or everything BUT full-text depending on your organization's default search settings).

From the list of results, you can sort by date (ascending or descending) as well as narrow by the following filters:

  • Peer reviewed
  • Scholarly journal or other source types
  • Source type
  • Publication date range
  • Publication titles
  • Document types
  • Subject/artist
  • Language (of original publication)

Advanced Search

You would like to find information on outsider art but that is not in a scholarly journal.  While you could use a keyword search in the Basic Search box, a more refined, specific way to search is by using the Thesaurus and narrowing facets:

  • From Advanced Search form, click on the Thesaurus, navigating to the O section. Click on the term outsider art.  Make sure the checkbox is checked and click on Add to Search. Subject term outsider art will be added to open text search box.
    • The narrower terms of prison art and yard art may also be selected and combined using or/and/not.
    • Hint:  combining using OR will reveal more results; AND will reveal less results.
  • From the results, in Document Type, select More options.  Good options would be anything near the bottom of the list, those document types with only one or a few results. Select to Include Essay. ABM returns an essay from a book entitled Asylum art: the social construction of an aesthetic category.
  • Return to the search and try other narrowing options.