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American Film Institute Catalog (AFI)

Authoritative filmographic database

Sample Searches

Below are several examples of searches you may wish to try in order to familiarize yourself with the search and browse capabilities of ProQuest's American Film Institute Catalog (AFI)

Please note that before conducting a new search, you should click "Clear form" to remove previous search terms and limits.

1. You are researching all movies directed by Jim Jarmusch, then establish which are the genres he’s concentrating on, and which are the actors he favored the most.

a. In the Advanced Search page, enter Jim Jarmusch in the first query box and select the field Director.

b. Click the Search button to retrieve results.    

c. Expand the Genre facet: which are the two genres he favored most?

d. Expand the Cast facet: which are the actors most appearing in his movies?

     Look at some of the Film Records to collect more background on their production


2. You would like to discover more about the movie The Godfather, (the first)

a. in Advanced search select the field Production Title in the drop down menu and select the link appearing below: Look up Production Titles.

b. In the separate window type Godfather in the box, select the option Begins with and hit the Find button.

c. Scroll down the list of the different names appearing and select the relevant one. Click on Add to Search.

d. open the full document and browse the Crew and credit paragraph: who is the author of the Soundtrack of this film? Who is the Director of photography?


3. you are interested in seeing all the films that a director worked on, rather than just directed.

a. In Command Line enter NT(Sergio Leone), and click search.

b. In the Results page, you’ll see several films whose director is not Sergio Leone. For example, the film  Ben Hur (1959).

c. in the Notes field we see that 'Several modern sources state that future Italian Spaghetti Western director Sergio Leone worked on the film'..