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African American Biographical Database: Full Record: Full Text

A guide to all aspects of ProQuest's African American Biographical Database including content, searching, and viewing results.

Full Text Tips

When searching the Full Text available in African American Biographical Database the results page will provide links to each the page of each title where hits for the search terms were found. All of the texts are in PDF format, therefore you must have the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader loaded to the computer being used. If this is not installed on the computer in use, click the link on the database homepage to initiate the download.

1. Accessing a page with search term hits

From the results page, select to view the page you are interested in viewing by clicking on the hyperlinked title with the page number detail.  Note the number of hits appears to the right.

2. Page view options

Once you have selected a page to view, the browser will refresh to display the page visible in the  center of the page in the embedded PDF viewer. At the top of the page you will find Page navigation and Hit navigiation, in addition to the ability to switch between E-Text and Page Image*, the Back button to return to the results page, the Home button to navigate back to the database homepage, and the hyperlinked title link redirect you to the View Sources page so that you may review the Table of Contents for the publication.

* Text in this database displays in two forms: E-Text or Page Image. The Page Image  displays a facsimile of the book's actual page. E-Text is a clean, electronic version of the page image. If an E-Text page is not available, the Page Image will display by default. Otherwise, the E-Text will be the default page displayed.

3. Adobe® Acrobat® Reader tools

While viewing the page image (either E-Text of Page Image), you may use your mouse to activate additional tools availalble as part of the Adobe® Reader. Depending upon the version of Reader that is installed on the computer, the toolbar containing options for Fit-to-window, Fit-to-width, Zoom In/Out, Save, and Print will display either across the top of the viewer or at the bottom-right corner.

In the screen shot to the right you will see the default view, with the E-Text page displayed fitted to the size of the window, and the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader toolbar in the bottom-right corner.

Full Record: Full Text View