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African American Biographical Database: Full Record: Profiles

A guide to all aspects of ProQuest's African American Biographical Database including content, searching, and viewing results.

Profile Viewing Tips

1. Accessing the Profile from the results page

When viewing a results page, you may view a single profile or multiple profiles at the same time.

To view a single profile, either click on the individual's name OR tick the box to the left of the name then click the View Profile button (see Image 2).

To view multiple profiles simultaneously, tick the box next to each name you wish to view then click the View Profile button (see Image 3).

If you wish the marked profiles to be emailed, simply click the Selected Email Records to email the profiles to yourself or others.

2. Return to Summary of Matches

Return to Summary of Matches redirects the browser to the results page you where you selected the profile/s to view.  

3. Hit Navigation 

The Previous and Next buttons will allow you toggle between profiles on the results page without returning to the results page to manually select one or more profiles to view.

4. Profile

The Profile is displayed in the main portion of the screen and contains the individual's name, gender, pseudonym, spouse's name, place of birth, occupation, religion, and the Biographical Sketches field (see #5 below for more information).

Some information about individuals may not be known. For example, if an individual's religious affiliation is unknown the field will not appear on the profile.

5. Biographical Sketches field 

The Biographical Sketches field contains links for each of of every title that contains their name. Click the page number to the right of the title to access that page. The icon to the right of the page number indicates what type of document it is: Book or Website. Note that webistes have been carefully vetted and selected by ProQuest's editorial staff. 

6. Tools

The Profile view page also contains links to the Home page, Help files, Refine Search page, Search Full Text page, and the About pages for more information about the database. 

Multiple Profile View

7. This is an example of a record will all fields indexed and a significant number sketches. Note that this profile appears first in the list because it appeared as #4 in the results list. This record also contains a link to an Illustration of the profiled individual.

8. This second item is an example of a shorter profile with fewer sketches and indexed fields. Note that this profile appears after the first because it appeared as #9 in the results list. 

Full Record: Profile

Image 1: Profiles Results Page 

Image 2: Single Profile View

Image 3: Multiple Profiles View