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ProQuest African American Heritage: Draft Registration Records Search Results

A guide to all aspects of the ProQuest African American Heritage database.

Draft Registration Records Results Tips

Image 1. Draft Registration Records Results View

Results from the Draft Registration records collection will display as seen in Image 1 to the right. Note that the total number of results are noted in the dark bar above the results. The results are organized alphabetically by state and listed along with the total number of results for that states and an Expand by County link (see Image 2 for more information).

Image 2. Expand by County View

Once you have clicked the Expand by County link on the Draft Registration Record Results page, the page will refresh to display the state's results organized alphabetically by county. To the right of the county name will be the number of results from that county's records.

Image 3. State Results View

If you wish to review all of the results for a specific state, click the state name on the Draft Registration Records Results page. The page will refresh to display all of the results for that state organized alphabetically by county name. As seen in the Census Search Results page, click on a column header to resort the list of results.

Draft Registration Records Results Views

Image 1: Draft Registration Records Results View

Image 2: Expand by County View

Image 3: State Results View