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ProQuest African American Heritage: Publications

A guide to all aspects of the ProQuest African American Heritage database.

How to Search Publications

ProQuest African American Heritage provides a library of reference and how-to books. The library will grow over time.

  1. Enter or select as much information as you know.
  2. Click Search.

Search Tips

Things to know about searching publications:

  • You must enter or select at least one value, such as a Person Name or Place Name, to get results.
  • Click the Show more search options link beneath the Keywords box to access additional search options, including Title, Author, and Publisher.
  • Click the Hide more search options to remove the additional search options from view.
  • Click the Select from list links corresponding to Author, Publisher, and Subject to select from alphabetically-ordered master lists of all authors, publishers, and subjects in our publications database.
  • Support for the following Boolean search operators: AND, OR (the default), AND NOT.
    • AND — Example war AND Virginia AND lincoln will find publications that contain all three words.
    • OR — Example war OR Virginia OR lincoln will find publications that contain any or all of the three words. If you enter more than one word, and do not surround the words with double quotes, OR is the default behavior.
    • AND NOT — Example war AND NOT civil will find publications that contain war, but not civil.
  • Wildcard support:
    • Use an asterisk — to match zero or more characters. For example: Mer* will find Merril, Merrit, and Meredith.
      You cannot use an asterisk as one of the first three characters of a search term.
    • Use a question mark — to match exactly one character. For example: W?lson will find Wilson and Wylson.
      You cannot use a question mark as the first character of a search term.
  • Search for an exact phrase by surrounding terms in double quotes, (i.e., "Freedman's Bank" will find occurrences of that exact phrase). Without the quotes, your search would return pages that contain either Freedman's or Bank.

About Publications

In addition to the data collections available in ProQuest African American Heritage, there are currently eleven full-text titles available for searching and browsing via the Publication tab.  

Publications Search Tab

Publications Browse

Current Title List

Black Roots in southeastern Connecticut, 1650-1900

Blacks found in the deeds of Laurens & Newberry Counties, SC, 1785 to 1827

Free African Americans of Maryland and Delaware

Free African Americans of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina

Free black heads of households in the New York State federal census, 1790-1830

Free blacks and mulattos in the South Carolina 1850 Census

A genealogist's guide to discovering your African-American ancestors

Researching African American genealogy in Alabama

Slaves and nonwhite free persons in the 1790 Federal Census of New York