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ProQuest African American Heritage: Results

A guide to all aspects of the ProQuest African American Heritage database.

Search All Results Page Tips

1. Refine Search

Click Refine Search to make changes to your current search strategy.

Click Go to Main Search to return to the Home tab to create a new search across all of the data collections.

2. Search Information

Confirm the search criteria used to retrieve the results listed below.  If you notice an error, click the Refine Search button to modify the search criteria. 

3. Results Details

Three columns of data will appear in the results page: Collection, Total Number of Results, and About the Collection.

Collection notes the collection which was searched for results.

Found to the right of the Collection column, the Total Number of Results column displays not only the overall total but also the total of results from each collection.

The About the Collection column provides an icon, which when clicked will open a new window or tab to display descriptive information about the specific collection.

4. Collection Link

Click the Collection title to see the detailed view of the results retreived from that collection.

To learn more about the results page associated with each collection, use the Results tab drop-down menu to select the page for the collection of interest to you.

5. Search History

All of the searches that you conduct during your current session are recorded on the Search History page. A Search History link is available in the navigation bar at the top right of every page. If you do not interact—no searching, browsing, moving between pages, etc.—with ProQuest African American Heritage for a period of 30 minutes or longer, your session will automatically end and your search history is deleted. Searches you've run appear listed under headers identifying where in the product you ran them from:

  • All Collections — a search of all available record collections, run from either the homepage or the main Search page
  • Census
  • Freedman's Bank
  • Publications
  • Black Genesis

You can do three things on the Search History page:

  • Under the heading Your Search, click a link to display the corresponding search form with all your terms and selections in place. You can re-run or modify the search.
  • Under the heading Your Results, click a link to display the results corresponding to the search shown in the Your Search column.
  • Click the Clear History link in the upper right of the page to delete your search history. All of your searches will be removed from the page.

Search All Results Page