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ProQuest African American Heritage: Birth, Marriage, & Death Records

A guide to all aspects of the ProQuest African American Heritage database.

Search Tips

  • You must enter or select at least one value—such as a Last Name or State to get results.
  • If you provide enough search detail, a results list of matching records will display.
  • If you do not provide enough search detail, you will need to make those selections in your search results by clicking State or County links before a list of matching records displays.
  • ProQuest African American Heritage returns a maximum of 1,000 matching records for display. If your search returns more than 1,000 records, a message displays offering suggestions about how you can refine your search to make it more focused.
  • Click the Show more search options link at the bottom of the search form to access additional search options for either Cohabitation or Marriage records.
  • Click the Hide more search options link to remove the additional search options from view.

About Birth, Marriage, & Death Records

Kept by state and local governments, churches and other institutions, vital records (birth, marriage, death) are a key resource for genealogical research.

There are currently two record types available:

  • Cohabitation records (North Carolina)
  • Marriage records (North Carolina and West Virginia)


Select either Marriage (Image 1 below) or Cohabitation (Image 2 below) from the drop-down menu to access the search page.

Image 1: Marriage Records Search

Image 2: Cohabitation Records Search