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Australia and New Zealand Database: Sample Searches

Links to Australia & New Zealand Database

Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to Australia & New Zealand Database. For alternative methods of authentication and links to Australia & New Zealand Database please see the documents in the Additional Materials page.

Sample Searches

Basic Search

To find information about native title and the historic Mabo decision in which the High Court ruled that indigenous people have rights and interests to their land.

  1. Go to Basic Search
  2. Enter keywords: "native title" AND mabo. Remember to use " " to find the exact phrase. 
  3. In the search results page, you can Sort by Most Recent First to view the latest results.

You want to find information about native title in Australia, but you'd rather start with a general search and then refine:

  1. Go to Basic Search
  2. Enter the key words "native title"
  3. In the search results, refine by Location, choosing Australia.

Advanced Search

To find information about vaccinations of preschoolers and children in Australia and New Zealand you can search using a range of search operators.

  1. Go to Advanced Search
  2. Type vaccin* NEAR/10 (preschool* OR child*)
  3. In the search results, refine by Location, choosing Australia and New Zealand

You want to find reports about investments in innovation in New Zealand.

  1. Go to Advanced Search
  2. In the first row type New Zealand and select Location (LOC) search field
  3. In the next row select the operator AND and type innovation OR innovation
  4. Your search should look like: loc(New Zealand) AND (innovation OR investment)
  5. In the results page, you can filter by Document type, Report


To find publications from New Zealand:

  1. Go to Publications > Publication Search
  2. Type New Zealand and search In Publication Summary

You would like to browse volume 40, published in 2016 of the Melbourne University Law Review:

  1. Go to Publications > Publication Search
  2. Type melbourne university law review and search In Title
  3. Click on the journal title
  4. Scroll down to Browse specific issues and select 2016. Click on the desired volume to browse it.