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Archive Finder: Search


Search using the box on the Home pageUse the Quick search box at the top, center, of the home page to search for both collections or repositories, or select one or the other using the radio button directly beneath the Quick search box.


In the left menu you will see options for the search forms for both Collection and Repository searches (shown below).

Coillection Search

Collection Search


Users can find information by using one or any combination of the search boxes:

  • Keywords,
  • Collection name,
  • Repository name,
  • Repository city / town,
  • Repository state (US),
  • Repository county (UK),
  • Repository country,
  • NIDS* fiche number
  • NUCMC* number
  • Index terms,
  • Collection dates

Note that many of these search options include the ability to select from a list.


Near the bottom of the page, users can search within a certain subset of the records: 

  • All records, 
  • NUCMC* records, 
  • NIDS US* records, 
  • NIDS UK* records, or
  • Submitted records




* NIDS UK =  National Inventory of Documentary Sources in the UK and Ireland
NIDS US =National Inventory of Documentary Sources in the United States.
NUCMC = National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections

Respoitory Search

Respository Search pageThe repository search allows users to search for information on institutions housing collections of interest.


Search on a name, city, state, county, or country, or use the option "select from a list" to the right of the search boxes. 


Note the bottom box allows users to search using keywords.