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Books in Print - Product Description

Books in Print combines the most trusted and authoritative source for bibliographic information with powerful search, discovery and collection development tools designed specifically to streamline the book discovery and acquisition process.  

Syndetics Unbound is now integrated in Books In Print! Recommendations from the world of books, combined with the powerful search and discovery of the most trusted and authoritative source of bibliographic information

Books in Print - 

  • contains over 50 million global titles (in print, out of print, and forthcoming), including books, ebooks, audio books, and multimedia titles
  • is the smart and good-looking choice for libraries, booksellers, publishers and other information professionals. Books In Print helps you search the marketplace, find the right titles, and explore all known format options, including ebook sources. Books In Print fully embraces new search technologies like Quick Search and Visual Search, while still offering the traditional Advanced Search that users expect

  • helps libraries find titles, create lists and decide which vendor, ebook platform, or online retailer to source the title

Product Features

  • Browse - assists library users in finding books based on authors, genres, or topics that interest them. Every query will return suggested titles, eliminating dead-end searches.
  • Character Search - allows the user to search for a character from their favorite books and view search results for all titles the character appears in, and includes a brief synopsis of the character.
  • Find Similar - allows users to see suggested similar titles based on search criteria, or they can search by specific tags found in Syndetics Book Profiles.
  • International and Domestic Barcode Login which provides libraries the functionality to allow library users (patrons) to access Books In Print by using Library Card Barcode number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the new Syndetics Unbound in Books In Print and Resources for College Libraries mean that I now get Syndetics Unbound for free in my catalog?
No. Syndetics Unbound in Books In Print is only enriching the records in Books In Print and not the records in your catalog. It will show you recommendations from the world of books, whereas Syndetics Unbound in your catalog will only show recommendations for the titles that are in your library.

Can I still add titles to my Staff Lists? Is the functionality the same?
Yes! All of the functionality that you know remains in Books In Print. You can still Search, Discover, Add to List, Print and Download.

Is all of the metadata that I depend upon to help make decisions for collection development still in the record?
Yes! Each record contains all of the previous metadata that it had before, we’ve just enriched that metadata with interactive exploration and dynamic recommendations.