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British Periodicals: Sample Searches

A guide to all aspects of British Periodicals including content, searching, and viewing results on the ProQuest platform

Search Periodicals Archive Online

Links to British Periodicals

Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to British Periodicals.

Sample Searches

Basic Search

 - You would like to find articles about Karl Marx

  • Enter Karl Marx  in the search box and click Search..
  • You will be able to refine your result set by using the filters on the right hand side by Source Type, Document Type, Publication Title, Publication Frequency, Publication editor or even Publication Date

 Advanced Search

 - You need to find articles on Benjamin Disraeli as related by his second tenure as Prime minister .

  • Type Benjamin Disraeli AND Prime minister into the search box
  • Select Specific Date range form the Publication Date menu and enter 20/02/1874 to 21/04/1880
  • Click Search. 

- You are interested in looking at articles discussing John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. You realize after you start your search that you are most interested in what was being written during the 1940’s.

  • Type calvin and institutes and select Anywhere from the field code drop-down menu
  • In the Publication date drop-down menu, select Specific Date Range and type 1940 in the Start box and 1949 in the End box.
  • Click Search

NOTE: You can also run your search without any Publication date limitation and then narrow your search results by clicking on the Enter a specific date range right underneath the Publication date histogram

 Publication Search

- You are interested in finding journals that treats of 18th Century English literature

  • In the Publication Subject Look up search for literature and select ("English literature - 18th century - Book reviews"  "English literature - 18th century - Bibliography"  "English literature - 18th century"  "English literature - 18th century - History and criticism")
  • Click Search