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Saved Searches

What are Saved Searches?
To access Saved Searches: Click on the View Saved Searches heading in My Archive.

Saved Searches allows you to view your Saved Searches, or re-run a search by clicking on the linked record title. You are able save up to 50 searches. Each entry in the list consists of:

  • A number to indicate the position of a search in the list
  • The title you have given the search on the 'Name a Saved Search' page (note that this will read 'My Search' if no title was entered)
  • A list of the terms that make up the search
  • An Add notes / Edit notes link (either 'Add notes' or 'Edit notes' depending on whether you have previously saved a note)
  • A Delete search link
  • A Modify Search link

How do I save a search to Saved Searches?
Click on the Save Search Terms to My Archive link at the top of the Search Results page, or the Save to My Archive link on the Search History page. If you have not logged in, you will be prompted to do so now.

The Name a Saved Search screen will appear where you can give your search a name. Once you have given your search a name, the Saved Searches page will appear with each of the search areas listed. To access the searches saved for a particular type of search, click on the hyperlinked search area title. You will then be shown the page of Saved Searches for that area.

How do I repeat a search from Saved Searches?
Click on name you gave the search. This appears as a hypertext link. The results of the search will be displayed on the Search Results page.

Can I attach my own notes to each of my Saved Searches?
A 'Notes' area exists for each search you have saved to My Archive. To create a note:

  • Click the Add notes link corresponding to your chosen search. The Notes page will appear on the screen.
  • Type your comments in the text box.
  • Click the "Save" button. You will be taken back to the Saved Searches page and the Add notes link will now appear as Edit notes.

To view a note you have already saved:

  • Click the Edit notes link corresponding to your chosen search.
  • Either read, delete, or edit notes.
  • Click the "Save" button if you have made changes

Note: There is a limit of 255 characters (about 50 words) that can be saved in each note.

How do I delete a search?
To delete an individual search from the Saved Searches screen: Click the Delete search link next to the item you want to remove from the list.

What happens if I've reached the maximum number of searches in My Archive?
If you already have 50 searches saved and you try to save a search, you will be shown a warning page telling you that you need to delete some searches before you can add any more. Click on the link provided to go to the Saved Searches page, where you will be able to delete the necessary number of searches. On the Saved Searches page, click on the Back link to take you back to the page you were on, where you can add your selected searches again.