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Country Life Archive: Sample Searches

Twentieth-century UK publication chronicling affairs of interest to the upper class. - Significant coverage of art history and architecture. - Full archival run from 1897-2005

Links to Country Life Archive

Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to Country Life Archive via your library's subscription.

Sample Searches

Below are several examples of searches you may wish to try in order to familiarize yourself with the search and browse capabilities of ProQuest's Country Life Archive

Please note that before conducting a new search, you should click "Clear form" to remove previous search terms and limits.

1. You are researching articles on interior designs by the neoclassical architect Robert Adam.

a. On the Advanced Search page, enter Robert Adam in the first query box; in the second query box enter interior n/2 (design or decoration).

b. Select Document Text from the drop-down menu for the first box.

c. Click the Search button to retrieve results.    

d. The results that appear will be sorted by default by Relevancy. 

e. Select Article from the Document Type facet on the left

Explore the results, save some of the articles for future reference


2. You would like to browse and explore the inaugural issue of Country Life

a. Click on the Publications link below the database name at the top of the page.

b. Click on Country Life Illustrated (Archive : 1897-1901).

c. Scroll down the page to the Browse section and click to expand the year 1897.

d. Click on January and locate the 1st issue of the month, Vol 1 (1), to open the results list with a page order listing of all pages of the issue, starting with the Front Page.

e. Click to view the cover page. This launches the Full Text - Flash viewer displaying the issue's cover.

f. Locate and click on the Browse this issue link to the right of the publication details at the top of the page. 

g. Explore the issue page by page using the viewer's navigation tools


3. In this magazine you can also find delicious recipes created with fresh fruits to be found in the wild or grown in the orangeries.

We want to find recipes using raspberries.

a. In advanced search, enter RASPBERR* in the first query box, then enter RECIPE OR INGREDIENT in the second query box and click search.

b. In the Results page, to focus on Featured articles, you need to locate the Articles among the search results.

i. Expand the narrowing filter for Document Type and click Article to filter the results.

ii. You can also resort the results list by "Most Recent first"

iii. Have fun!