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Congressional Research Digital Collection: About CRDC

What is CRDC?

The Congressional Research Digital Collection, or CRDC, is a collection of research materials – CRS Reports and Committee Prints - created for Congress. 

CRS, the Congressional Research Service, is known as research arm of the United States Congress.  CRS issues thousands of reports each year on issues of interest to Congress.  

Committee prints are publications pre­pared for the use of a specific committee so often are working stud­ies or compilations of articles prepared in the course of formulating legislation.

This material is often the first place you’ll find topics in the news, and because prints or reports might review pending legislation, or a government program, you’ll find them issued throughout the legislative process.   Material in CRDC can be used for many purposes:  to answer a reference question, create a chronology of events, to come up to speed on a topic, or to see what a proposal was at a specific point in time. 

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From the Basic Search page users can search for Committee Prints and CRS Reports (the content types that make up the Congressional Research Digital Collection) along with any other materials subscribed to or purchased.


Committee Prints are included in Miscellaneous Publications. 


From the Advanced search form, users can search the content types by themselves, or they can check additional boxes to include different types of content.