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Congressional Research Digital Collection: A Sampling of CRS Reports

About CRS Reports

This page represents a selection of CRS Reports available in the Congressional Research Digital Collection.  CRS offers many reports on items in the news as well as about government.  Looking at all of the topics available shows the broad breadth of topics.  The listings on this page are meant to allow users to see different kinds of reports - the CRS repeating reports, the chronologies, and other interesting reports. 

How Congress works

CRS produces a number of reports about how Congress gets work done - from how the budget process works, to to how to introduce legislation, to preparation for hearings, conference reports and joint explanatory statements, and more.

Repeating Reports

Repeating reports are those that are issued many times - some may show up for a year, some over several years, and some show up periodically, as when there is a new Congress.  Most repeating reports are not issued on any schedule, they are just issued on multiple occasions over time.

Reports with Chronologies

Search for chronology as a subject and you will find many reports that have chronologies of events.  These can be quite fascinating and provide a wonderful overview of a series of critical events.

Supreme Court Nomination Process and Background

Supreme Court Decisions

CRS has written many reports on decisions of judges nominated to the court, as well as other aspects of the court.  Here are a few.

Popular Culture

CRS covers issues in the news and in popular culture as well as things thought of as more governmental.

Legislative Histories

CRS pulls together a lot of materials that are legislative histories.  Some are quite short (they appear to be addressing a specific question) and a few are lengthy.