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Career & Technical Education Database: About

Subject Coverage

  • Computing Science
  • Healthcare
  • Building Trades
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Sales and Retail
  • Accounting
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Careers & Vocations
  • Trade Industry
  • Technical Resources
  • Job Search

Publication Types

  • Audio & Video Works
  • Blogs, Podcasts, & Websites
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Reports
  • Scholarly Journals
  • Trade Journals
  • Wire Feeds

What is Career & Technical Education Database?

The Career & Technical Education Database is the definitive source for vocational information, offering full text journals, magazines, blogs, and video content. Students and instructors can research virtually any technical topic, including computing science, healthcare, building trades, auto mechanics, sales and retail, accounting, graphic design, and photography.

Featuring full-text publications and valuable career resources, the Career & Technical Education Database offers comprehensive trade and industry information to help meet career and job seekers information needs. With the current state of the economy, demand for career advice and vocational information is at an all-time high. This database is a powerful solution to meet this demand.

The Career & Technical Education Database was created to help meet a wide range of demands for industry knowledge, career advice, and tools and resources for landing a job. Patrons often come to the library looking for career guidance, while others would like to learn more about library resources they can use online from their home computers. Many patrons want to look into new career paths to explore. This database has them covered.

As content is only valuable if it is discoverable, the collection is presented on the ProQuest platform and its titles are discoverable through The Summon® Service from ProQuest, OCLC WorldCat, Ex Libris Primo Central, PubMed and Google Scholar (when enabled). Plus, through the ebooks tab on the ProQuest results page, researchers can cross search their organization's ProQuest ebook holdings (when available) alongside their ProQuest platform database content.

In addition, researchers benefit from robust information management and workflow tools and functionality integrated into the platform, including the ability to cite results in numerous citation styles, save as a PDF or other document formats, save searches, and export documents to reference management tools like RefWorks.

The Career & Technical Education Database is also part of ProQuest Central. ProQuest Central subscribers have access to 39 leading ProQuest databases covering over 160 academic disciplines. Visit the ProQuest Central LibGuide to learn more about the databases included in ProQuest Central.


Selection Policy

Criteria used in selection of materials for inclusion are:

  1.  Reputation of the journal and/or publisher.
  2.  Coverage of key subject areas.
  3.  Coverage of new or emerging subject areas.
  4.  Availability of full text rights.
  5.  Demand for the title.

ProQuest Platform Videos

Publication Coverage

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