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Design and Applied Arts Index (DAAI)

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Publication Subject Coverage

  • Advertising And Public Relations
  • Antiques
  • Architecture
  • Architecture--Computer Applications
  • Art
  • Art--Computer Applications
  • Arts And Handicrafts
  • Beauty Culture
  • Building And Construction
  • Building And Construction--Carpentry And Woodwork
  • Business And Economics
  • Business And Economics--Management
  • Business And Economics--Marketing And Purchasing
  • Ceramics, Glass And Pottery
  • Clothing Trade
  • Clothing Trade--Fashions
  • Communications
  • Computers--Computer Games
  • Computers--Computer Graphics
  • Computers--Internet
  • Education
  • Education--Teaching Methods And Curriculum
  • Engineering
  • Gardening And Horticulture
  • General Interest Periodicals--United Kingdom Miscellaneous Islands
  • General Interest Periodicals--United States
  • Hobbies
  • Hotels And Restaurants
  • Housing And Urban Planning
  • Humanities: Comprehensive Works
  • Interior Design And Decoration
  • Interior Design And Decoration--Furniture And House Furnishings
  • Jewelry, Clocks And Watches
  • Linguistics
  • Metallurgy
  • Motion Pictures
  • Needlework
  • Numismatics
  • Packaging
  • Paper And Pulp
  • Photography
  • Printing
  • Psychology
  • Publishing And Book Trade
  • Sciences: Comprehensive Works
  • Social Sciences: Comprehensive Works
  • Sports And Games
  • Technology: Comprehensive Works
  • Textile Industries And Fabrics
  • Transportation--Automobiles
  • Women's Interests

Document Types

  • Advertisement‎
  • Annual Report‎
  • Article‎
  • Arts Exhibits Review
  • Back Matter‎
  • Blog‎
  • Book
  • Book Chapter‎
  • Book Review
  • Business Case‎
  • Case Study‎
  • Catalog‎
  • Cd-rom Review
  • Commentary
  • Company Profile‎
  • Conference‎
  • Conference Proceeding‎
  • Correction Retraction‎
  • Corrections
  • Correspondence‎
  • Country Report‎
  • Cover Story
  • Credit/Acknowledgement‎
  • Credits
  • Directory‎
  • Editorial‎
  • Essay‎
  • Exhibition Catalogue
  • Exhibition Catalogue Review
  • Exhibition Review
  • Feature
  • Fiction‎
  • Film Review
  • Front Matter‎
  • Front Page/Cover Story‎
  • General Information‎
  • Government & Official Document‎
  • Illustration‎
  • Image/Photograph‎
  • Industry Report‎
  • Instructional Material/Guideline‎
  • Interview
  • Introduction
  • Journal Article
  • Journal Review
  • Letter
  • Letter To The Editor‎
  • Literature Review‎
  • Market Report‎
  • Market Research‎
  • News‎
  • Obituary
  • Obituary‎
  • Poem‎
  • Prose‎
  • Recipe‎
  • Report
  • Research Article
  • Review‎
  • Review Article
  • Speech/Lecture‎
  • Standard‎
  • Statistics/Data Report‎
  • Table of Contents
  • Technical Report‎
  • Theater Review
  • Undefined‎
  • Video Review

Searchable Fields

An accessible version of the Searchable Fields table is available below.

Field Name Label Search Examples & Explanation
Abstract  AB AB(tintype)

This will reveal all results with tintype in the abstract.   
Accession Number / Document Number AN AN(356894)

Searches both the ProQuest document ID (applied to all documents) and the 3rd party document ID (Accession Number)
Anywhere   portrait  

Enter keyword(s) without a field code label to search the entire record.
Anywhere except full text ALL /

Searches for keywords in the citation and abstract. It is a full record search, but does not include a search on the full text.
Author AU AU(dindler christian)   

Use to find documents written by a particular author. Try searching on both the full first name and initials in order to retrieve all publications by a specific author. Use the Look Up list to verify the various formats of the same name. 
Cited Author CAU CAU(smith)     

Searches for an author that is part of the Cited References section of a record. 
Cited Document Title CTI CTI(building capabilities)    

Search for document titles that are part of the Cited References section of a record. 
Cited Publication Date CYR CYR(2018)    

Searches for publication dates that are part of the Cited References section of a record. 
Cited Publication Title CPUB CPUB(design issues)   

Searches for a publication title that is part of the Cited References section of a record. 
Company/Organization  ORG ORG(Ideo)      

Searches for a company or other organizations featured prominently in an article. 
Digital Object Identifiers DOI DOI(10.1007/s00180-010-0212-6)      

Searches for documents with DOIs using the DOI search.
Document Feature  DF DF(Chart)     

Searches for features in an article such as charts, diagrams, illustrations, photographs or references.
Document Title TI TI(participatory design in education)

Locates the occurrence of search words in the title of the article.
Document Type DType DType(Exhibition Catalogue)   

Finds specific document types such as article, review, essay, editorial…
International Standard Serials Number ISSN ISSN(00014788)     

Looks for the eight digit International Standard Serials Number (ISSN), where available. Hyphens are optional.
Issue ISS ISS(8368)     

Searches the issue number of a resource. 
Publication Subject JSU JSU(Arts And Handicrafts)

Use the Publication subject search field to look for publications about a specific subject. 
See the box on the left in this page for a full list of about 50 subject terms.
Language  LA LA(Spanish)       

Original language of the document. 
Location  LOC LOC(paris)     

Specific geographic area or location.
Notes  NT NT(foundation)

Provides results on supplemental data (akin to a description or list of related organizations or notes)
Person  PER PER(morris)      

Finds articles mentioning a person.
Product Name NP NP(apple)      

Finds articles mentioning a specific product.
Publication date PD PD(19871020)     

Specific publication date. 
Publication Title PUB PUB(journal of arts management)     

Use to search by a specific publication or publications; Look up list available.
Publisher PB PB(mellon)

Shows the publisher of the result.  In this case, mellon will reveal Carnegie-Mellon University
References REF REF(Barnett-Hart, Anna Katherine)       

Looks for the data in a cited reference. It will search all of the main components of a cited reference (cited author, cited document title, cited publication date, and cited publication title). 
Source type SType STYPE(magazines)     

Finds pecific source types such as scholarly journals, trade journals, magazines, books and reports.
Subject Headings(All) SU SU(pacific ethnic and tribal art)  

Use the subject search field to look for articles about a specific subject. (Avoid using exact.)
Subject/artist MAINSUBJECT

MAINSUBJECT("computer aided design")
MAINSUBJECT(william morris)

MAINSUBJECT searches for specific subject terms from the ProQuest Thesaurus. Consult the Thesaurus hierarchy from the Thesaurus link, or alphabetically from the Look up list. The alpha list includes also names of artists.

Summary language SL SL(french)

This field contains the language or languages in which the abstract is written.
Update UD UD(2016-12-15)        UD(20161215)

Provides information on when the information was last updated.  Can use just year or year/month/date.
Volume VO VO(100)    

Volume of a resource. 


The DAAI: Design and Applied Arts Index is indexed with the ProQuest Thesaurus. Subject terms are found in the subject field and this field is part of the searchable fields table to the right. Subject terms are also commonly known as descriptors, controlled vocabulary, and sometimes classification terms.

The thesaurus allows you to find subject terms to narrow or broaden your search and is available from the Advanced and Command Line forms.  If you want to run a search on a subject, but you do not know what term to use, use the thesaurus to search the controlled vocabulary. A hierarchical display is available and will give suggestions on the appropriate subject terms to add to your search.

Look Ups and Browseable Indexes

DAAI: Design and Applied Arts Index offers several Look ups or browseable indexes, so you can easily find spelling or format variations of, for example, an author's name or a exhibition--this is especially helpful since ABM has non-English content. Look ups are available for the following searchable fields:

  • Authors
  • Companies/organizations
  • Locations
  • Person
  • Publications
  • Subjects/artists

For a description of these fields, please see the searchable fields table above. 

Once you locate the index term that you would like to add to your search, mark the item, and then click the Add to search button. The index term will now appear in the advanced search form along with the appropriate pull-down menu selection.