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Documents on British Policy Overseas (DBPO)

Searchable Fields Menu in Advanced Search


Screenshot of the searchable fields dropdown menu in Advanced search page

Searchable Fields

An accessible version of the Searchable Fields table is available below.

Field Name Label Search Examples & Explanation
Abstract AB AB(crisis)
Searches the document abstract for term or phrase.
Accession Number / ProQuest Document ID AN AN(1922978487)
Searches both the unique ProQuest document ID (applied to all documents) and the 3rd party document ID or accession number (applied to some databases such as PsycINFO).
All Fields ALL
ALL/NOFT searches for keywords in the citation and abstract. It is a full record search, but does not include a search on the full text.
Author AU AU(Neville Jones)
Use to find documents written by a particular author. Try searching on both the full first name and initials in order to retrieve all publications by a specific author. Can be searched as (last name, first name) or (first name last name).
Company/Organization Org ORG(Allied High Commission)
Search for a company or other organizations featured prominently in an article.
Document Text FT FT("financial crisis")
Search for keywords in the body of the article.
Document Title TI TI(Churchill)
Locates the occurrence of search words in the title of the article.
Location LOC LOC(Paris, France)
Search for a specific geographic area or location.
Notes NT NT(defense)
Search within the notes field for specified text.
Person PER PER(Bertie, Sir F)
Use to find articles about a person.
Recipient RC RC(Grey, Sir E)
Recipient of correspondence.
Subject Heading(All) SU Use the subject search field to look for articles about a specific subject. A search for the subject heading “embassy,” will find articles with the subject embassy, british embassy, french embassy or h.m. embassy. To run an exact subject search where only “british embassy” is retrieved and not subject terms that contain additional terms, search using EXACT.

SU.EXACT(british embassy)