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Disability in the Modern World: History of a Social Movement: Results


Institutional holdings will vary, so search menus and results may look different than what is shown here. 

Search ResultsSearch Results

In the left column on the the Search Results page (#1 in image) are the filters that can be applied. Clicking on the term More allows users to include or exclude items.

About the results list is the Search box (#2) that allows users to search within the results or to search all content - note  the radio buttons below the search box that allow users to select which option.

In the right corner (#3) are two pulldownsaffecting the display.  The left pulldown allows the user to choose Title/Album or Segment/Track display, and the box to the right allows the user to choose select between relenvance, title, oldest first and newest first in the results display. 

Directly under the search box  (#4) is the summary of the search results.

For each item in the results information in includes (#5) the title, date, and more.  To the left of the title is an icon that shows the content type:  video (the film icon), audio (a headset icon), and text (a document icon). 

Icons/links under the title information allow users to add the content to a list (the plus box), email the item (the envelope), and share the item.  

Under the image (#6) is toggle to see details about the results item.  

Title DetailsSee Details

The toggle to see details about the item shows title and more (data will vary by content type and collection). 

Near the top are links that allow users to cite or email the item, add the item to a playlist, share the item (options include social media, emailing, printing and more), embed the link, or send the link to a mobile device.