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Education Collection: Sample Searches

Over 1,000 full-text journals and 18,000 dissertations, supporting research on the theory and practice of education

Links to the Education Collection

Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to the Education Collection through your organization. 

Sample Searches

Basic Search

A simple way to search is by using general keywords.  A search for trends in special education will reveal many, many results.  These are typically auto-sorted by relevance, but to find the newest results first, simply change the Sort to Most recent first.  You will typically see things up and coming from months that have yet to occur!  There are also many ways to narrow your results from the facets on the left such as full text, source type, publication date, etc.  

A quick way to really narrow your search is to put quotation marks around your search term.  This will look for exactly those words in that order showing together in the database.  

Advanced Search

Using the Advanced Search drop down box on the right side of the search box allows the user to find specific terms quickly and narrowly.  For example, using the Subject heading choice from the drop down and entering standardized testing in the search box will result in findings where that term shows up in the subject heading.  This is a more specific way to search as opposed to using just the keyword anywhere or even anywhere except full-text.  

To modify the search, click on the Modify Search link under the search box.  From here, your current search terms will show and you can further extrapolate more from your search by choosing another dropdown for example.  Below your the first set of search terms, you will see another line for adding information.  From the dropdown menu, select PUB (publication title) and enter a simple keyword of psychology in the box and execute your search.  You could use a more specific title, but keeping the keyword general allows a bit broader experience.  


You're interested in seeing what types of publications are in the Education Collection that have to do with special education.

  • Click on the Publications link (next to the Basic Search and Advanced Search options).
  • Type special in the Publication Search box.  
  • For more (or different) results change the default search from "In title" to "In publication summary"
  • Other choices for searching publications include "Title begins with" or "In subject"--which will also provide a Look up link.
  • After your results are shown, you can then facet to publication type, subject, publisher, database and more.