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Early English Books Online (EEBO) Legacy version: Browse - Authors

Browse Search Tips

The Browse Authors page allows you to search through an alphabetical list of the Authors and their works in EEBO.

1. Locate Authors

An A-Z list is shown across the top of the screen and beneath it an alphabetical list of all authors whose surname starts with the letter that is displayed, along with their date of birth and, where appropriate, their date of death.

As well as using the A-Z list at the top of the page, you can also type a name into the Author search box and click Look for. This will take you directly to the nearest match in the author list for the name you have entered, with the relevant entry highlighted. You can type full names, partial names or just a few characters into the box, for example Eglesfield, Francis, Pack or Ma.

2. Additional Browse Options

If you are an Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) subscriber, you are able to view an integrated list of authors by clicking the 'Browse all EEBO and ECCO authors' link. For those authors with works in both databases, the list of works by that author will be sorted alphabetically by title. By default the Browse Authors feature includes works and authors from EEBO only. Therefore you must select the 'Browse all EEBO and ECCO authors' link in order to browse authors and their works available in ECCO.

If you are a TCP subscriber you are able to view a list of authors who have full text works by clicking the 'Browse authors available in full text ' link (Note that if you are a joint EEBO-ECCO subscriber, this link will read 'Browse EEBO authors available in full text', since full text is not available for ECCO records).

If you are also subscribed to Literature Online, you can access Author pages from Literature Online where these are available for authors in EEBO. Simply click the 'Author page in Literature Online' link next to an entry in Browse Authors and Works- the Literature Online Author page for that author will open in a new window, with EEBO remaining open in the original window.

3. Navigate Pages

100 Authors are displayed per page. Additional matches can be accesses using the "Page(s): 1 | 2 | 3" navigation.

4. View Author Works

A 'View works ››' link is displayed along with the number of 'items' (documents) available to view. By clicking this link you will be able to view all the works by that author on the Search Results page.

Browse Authors