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Early English Books Online (EEBO) Legacy version: Sample Searches

Link to Early English Books Online (EEBO)

Please note that the link below will only work if you are authenticated to EEBO on Chadwyck-Healy.

Sample Searches

Please Note: the following search samples are designed to work on the Chadwyck-Healy version of EEBO.

Go here to see Search samples for the ProQuest platform version: EEBO on ProQuest LibGuide.

The examples below illustrate the kinds of searches you can build using operators and fields.


1) Find the Canterbury Tales written by Geoffrey Chaucer.

  • Type Canterbury tales in the Keyword box.
  • Type Chaucer in the Author Keyword box (or use the Select from a List link).
  • Click Search.

2) Find works about herbal remedies.

  • Type herb* and remed* in the Keyword box.
  • Use truncation to find herb, herbs, herbal, herbalist, etc.
  • Click Search.

3) Find various Subject Keywords relating to the Brain.

  • Click on Select from a List next to the Subject Keyword box.
  • Type brain and click Look For.
  • Click on Brain--Anatomy--Early works to 1800. Then click OK.
  • Click Search.
  • View the Illustrations within your results list to see early medical diagrams.



1) Find early works printed by William Caxton, the first English printer.

  • Type Caxton in the Imprint box and click Search. 
  • Sort by Earliest Publication First.

2) Find a map of Massachusetts.

  • Type Massachusetts in the Keyword box.
  • Scroll down to the Illustration Type box.
  • Click Map to highlight the term, then click Search.

3) What works were printed in Algonquin, a Native American Language?

  • Scroll down to the Language field.
  • Click on Algonquin to highlight the term, then click Search.

4) Other interesting topics to search.

  • Magna Carta
  • Atlas
  • Pirate*
  • Housewi*
  • Nautical
  • Microscop*