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Early English Books Online (EEBO) on the ProQuest Platform

Sample Searches

1)  You need to find any documentation on the first appearance of terms such as machinery or mechanical or engines

  • In Advanced Search, write machin* or mechanic* or engin* in the first box and select Document title in the drop down menu.
  • in the second box repeat machin* or mechanic* or engin* and select All subjects & indexing in the drop down menu.
  • Make sure the OR boolean operator is selected in the drop down menu between the 2 boxes.
  • click on Search.
  • Evaluate the results and identify any relevant documents. In which context these terms are found? Which are the most covered languages?

2) You need to find books written by a specific author, such as Geoffrey Chaucer

  • In Advanced Search, click on the link Look up Author next to the Author search box.
  • Write Chaucer and click on Find.
  • Select the relevant entry in the list of results below, and click on Add to search, then click Search in Advanced Search.
  • Alternatively, go in the Browse section and chose the list Browse by Author. You can click on the C letter and scroll down to find the relevant entry, then click on the View # Documents link next to the name.

Author Look Up list searching

3) You need to find books with a specific page feature, for instance Musical Notations.

  • Go to the Document features box on the Advanced Search page. Select Musical Notations. (you are also able to add more limitations, for instance Language)
  • Click Search.
  • Select a book on the result list and click the thumbnail image.
  • On the Thumbnails page, scrolling through the images, you'll be able to identify easily those with Musical notation by the notes included below each image thumbnail.

Thumbnails document view with Musical Notations

4) You want to view all books written in Greek.

  • Go to the Language box in the Advanced Search page.

  • Select Ancient Greek and Greek using the checkbox.

  • If you selected more than one language they will be combined with an OR.

  • Click Search.

  • On the results page, you can use the Filters to narrow you search by for instance Author or Subject.

     Alternatively you can Browse by Language in the Browse section.

5) Cross search with Early European Books (Please note: access to EEB depends on your institution's holdings)

- search for the word trumpet and its variants in the title

  • Go in Change Databases and in the Select Database page click on the Early Modern Books name or select both and click on the Use select databases button
  • In Advanced Search, write trumpet in the first box and select Document Title in the drop down menu.
  • Expand the Results page options section at the bottom of the Advanced Search page, and check the box next to Show additional terms included in the search.
  • Click on Search
  • In the Results page see the many variants of the search terms at the top of the results list, and look at the Language narrow filter. How many languages were retrieved?

Selecting the Early Modern Books bundle