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Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive (EIMA): Sample Searches

Essential primary sources for studying the history of film and entertainment industries

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Sample Searches

Below are several examples of search you may wish to try in order to familiarize yourself with the search and browse capabilities of ProQuest's Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive

Please note that before conducting a new search, you should click "Clear form" to remove previous search terms and limits.

1. You are researching one of the world's most long-lived and recognizable bands, The Rolling Stones.

a. On the Advanced Search page, enter "The Rolling Stones". 

b. In the Document Type  search option click on Article

c. Click the Search button to retrieve results.    

d. The results that appear will be sorted by default by relevancy.  Use the Sort results by drop-down menu to the right of the results to sort the results by Publication date (oldest first) if the default is not already set as such.

e. Explore the oldest results and answer the following questions:

i. What is the publication date of the earliest result? ___________________________

ii. Open the full-text for the article "The Rolling Stones Company" from The Billboard (Archive 1984-1960) and read the short blurb at the bottom of the second column.  Is "The Rolling Stones Company" a music group, a theater company, or a circus act? (Circle one)

f. At the top of the page, deselect the “Additional limits – Document type: Article” checkbox and click the search button.  Refine the results list by date using the Publication Date slider graph to hone in on 1960-2000.

List the title of the article and publication of the January 1963 article, published six months after their Marquee Club (London) premiere?  What musical genre are The Rolling Stones being identified with in this article? _________________________________________________________   ________________________

g. Return to the Results page and refine the list by using the Publication date slider graph to focus the results only on articles from 1950 forward.  


2. You are interested in seeing advertisements from the record company RCA Victor in Billboard from the 1950s thru the 1960s.

a. On the Advanced Search page, select Publication title from the drop-down menu of the first search row.

b. Click on "Look up publication" link and select the two listings for Billboard so that all years of interest are included in your search. Click "Add to search" button to populate the search field.

c. Select "Specific date range" in the Date Range drop-down menu and enter 1950 in the Start year field and 1969 in the End year field.

d. Locate the Document Type box in the Search Options section of the Advanced Search page. Click to select Advertisement.

e. Click the "Search" button to retrieve results.

f. If necessary, resort the results list to display "Publication date (oldest first)" using the Sort by option to the right side of the page.

g. Explore the results and answer the following questions:

i. What artist has a total of  four songs listed on the "Going Strong" and "Coming Up" section of the RCA Victor advertisement on page 17 of the 7 January 1950 issue? ____________________________________

ii. Return to the results page and use the Publication Date histogram in the Narrow by toolbar to the right side of the page to locate and click on the results for the year 1955.

a. Resort the list by Relevance, oepn the result titled "RCA VICTOR" for 27 August 1955. What is the milestone being advertised? _____________________________________________________

b. Return the the results page, locate 7 May 1955 page 29 article.  Who won "Miss Juke Box '55" and what two songs were on the album that helped her win?  ___________________________________    _____________________________________________