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ERIC: Audience

A guide to all aspects of ERIC including content, searching, and viewing results on the ProQuest platform.

Audience (i.e., Target Audience) Field

ERIC added this field, previously known as Target Audience, to ERIC records in January 1984, but uses it only when the author clearly specifies an intended audience; many records do not include a target audience. Some entries from May 1975 to December 1983 include the retrospective addition of the terms "Practitioners" and/or "Students." ERIC has designated eleven distinct audiences.†  This table can be found in the Help files.

Audience Types of Staff / Jobs
Community Church leaders, clergy, community groups, employers, industrial/commercial organizations, local business-people, neighborhood groups
Parents Foster parents, parents, PTA groups, single parents, caretakers
Policymakers Boards of education, education commissions/committees, legislators, regulators, school boards, trustees
Practitioners A generic term that may refer to any of the following 5 sub-categories. [From 2004 forward, cataloged only when specifically identified in the document. Prior to 2004, used in conjunction with any of the sub-categories whether or not the term was identified in the document]
Administrators Administrators, business office staff, college/university presidents, commissioners, consultants/advisors, coordinators, county staff, curriculum specialists, deans, district staff, financial staff, LEA staff, legal staff, planners, principals, SEA staff, superintendents, supervisors
Counselors Career assistance staff, college placement staff, counselors, guidance staff, psychologists (functioning as advisors, e.g., on social adjustment, etc.), student advisors
Media Staff Audiovisual staff, diffusion/dissemination specialists, information system/center staff, librarians, media center staff
Support Staff Athletics (non-teachers), buildings & grounds, food services (e.g., cooks, dieticians, nutritionists), health services (e.g., nurses, physicians, therapists), psychologists (functioning as mental health monitors, psychiatrists, etc.), secretaries, transportation staff, volunteers
Teachers Camp staff, coaches, day care staff, in-service teachers, institutional personnel, part-time teachers, preservice teachers, professors, remedial teachers, special education staff, student teachers, substitute teachers, teacher aides, teacher associations/unions, teacher educators, tutors, vocational education staff
Researchers Analysts, evaluators, experimenters, research managers, researchers, statisticians, surveyors, test construction specialists
Students Learners, pupils, scholars, students

Note: There are no limitations on the number of audiences that may be cataloged other than adherence to the prescribed list above.

Indicates information extracted from the ERIC website help files.