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The Gerritsen Collection of Aletta H. Jacobs: Sample Content

About the Collection

The database consists of two segments, the Periodical Series and the Monograph Language Series.

The Periodical Series represents about 25 percent of the material in the collection. It comprises 265 titles, including The Suffragist (1913-21) and The Women's Protest Against Woman Suffrage (1912-18).  Included in the large selection devoted to women's social, political, and legal rights are The Suffragist (1913-21) and The Women's Protest Against Woman Suffrage (1912-18).

Monograph Language Series: These 4,471 monographs and pamphlets make up about 75 percent of the collection.

  • English Monograph Titles (2,336 titles) represents perhaps the greatest single source for tracing the origins and growth of the women's suffrage and feminist movements in the English-speaking world. Featured are such materials as the writings of Carrie Chapman Catt, President of the National American Women's Suffrage publication, Ought Women to Have Votes for Members of Parliament? (1879). Such publications as Anti-Suffrage Essays by Massachusetts Women (1916), are also included.
  • German Monograph Titles (929 titles) documents the history of an organized women's movement.  One biography, for example, traces the origins, problems, and successes of Germany's first national women's rights group--Allgemeiner Deutscher Frauenverein. Other interest areas include women and socialism, the history and legal status of Jewish women, and the Swiss women's movement.
  • French Monograph Titles (734 titles) includes biographies, autobiographies, histories, and more, offering research opportunities into topics such as women in the military, French law, and reforms in women's legal, civil and economic rights, and the influence of women on French literature from Gallic times through World War II.
  • 12 Additional Languages (472 titles) provide information reflecting the interest in amassing a library for the comparative study of the international women's movement.

Anti-Feminist Periodicals & Articles