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Global Issues Library: Home

Global Issues Library reflects the key issues affecting our world today, including border issues, migrations, atrocities and human rights violations, security, revolution and protest, and environmental issues. Through historical and contemporary events found in this database, students and scholars can learn about and contextualize the issues that have transformed the human experience globally. 

Global Issues Library will include around 180 thematical clusters of issues, topics, and events from the late 1890s to present that are key to understanding today’s world:  immigration, genocide, peacekeeping, climate change, water issues, terrorism, human trafficking, and incarceration. Specific events explored include the U.S. and Mexico Border, the Rwandan Genocide, the Arab Spring, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and climate migrants in Asia Pacific.   

Issues and events are presented through a variety of perspectives—personal, governmental, legal, contemporary and retrospective—that demonstrate the interactions and interconnectedness of global issues and allow students and scholars to consider their world in new ways, such as: 

  • How atrocities and war happen and the aftermath of these crises across borders. 
  • How environmental issues and security issues affect displacement.
  • How institutions respond and have responded to global crisis.

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