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Government Periodicals Index (GPI): About GPI

What is GPI?

Government Periodicals Index, or GPI, provides indexing for a curated list of periodicals issued by the U.S. government going back to 1988.   Over the course of the publication, there have been approximately 300 periodicals covered, and there are approximately 170 publications actively covered as of Fall 2012.  These titles are often ignored, or not indexed elsewhere.


Most of the journals fall into these topical areas:  military and veteran issues, health and medicine, natural resources and management, science and technology, and law enforcement; other areas of coverage are represented by the following:  transportation, public/foreign policy, agricultural and rural studies, law and the courts, and economics.  Updated monthly, GPI contains more than 125,000 entries from the periodicals.  Over the past six years, GPI has covered approximately 7,500 articles from approximately 900 issues, 


Editors identify articles of research or general interest value. (Note:  Articles of transitory interest or limited use outside the issuing agency are generally avoided, increasing the index’s value to researchers looking for relevant—and enduring—material). 


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