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Health & Medical Collection

In this page we will show the unique search features for Health & Medical Collection. Go to the Platform LibGuide for a complete guide to ProQuest's search and display features.

MeSH Thesaurus

The inclusion of Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) in Health & Medical Collection provides students and researchers an opportunity to combine other powerful search facets with the subject headings to efficiently search for relevant content. MeSH Thesaurus provides a relational view between terms, scope notes, and the ability to explode terms. Exploding a term adds all related terms beneath it in the hierarchy to expand a search. You can add one or more terms and choose to combine them with Boolean operators.

Screenshot of the MeSH thesaurus and illustrates the hierarchical view and scope note.

Unique Search Facets

Health & Medical Collection contains unique search facets including population facets such as age group and sex in addition to source and document type facets. You can choose these facets from the advanced search page or use them from the left-side menu after a search. Combining these facts with keywords, MeSH, or other subject headings provides an easy, targeted search experience.

Screenshot of the advanced search facets from the database, including: animal, human, male, female, and age group.