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The Harper's Bazaar Archive: Sample Searches

America’s first fashion magazine. - Complete run digitized of US and UK editions. - Full page image format

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Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to The Harper's Bazaar Archive. For alternative methods of authentication and links to The Harper's Bazaar Archive please see the documents in the Additional Materials page.

Sample Searches

Basic Search

Analyze the trend of the miniskirt in the US from its rise in the Sixties

[1] Click on Basic Search

[2] Enter: miniskirt or "mini skirt"

[3] Click on Search

[4] View results.

Glancing at the Publication Date bar chart at left, you can get a quick visual display showing the rise and decline of this fashion over time. The system defaults to a view of 1960-2019, and you can see the peaks in 2000-2009. You can then drill down into any year, and look at month-by-month hits on the term, and day by day hits on the term. Navigate to 2003, then to September of 2003 via the timeline, and click on the September and drill down to a particular article on Lace, where the miniskirt is referenced.


Via Basic Search, you can also find articles on many interpretations of the Tuxedo style in female fashion.

Search for:  Tux* near/3 (style OR fashion*)


Advanced Search

Find the earliest articles mentioning feminist or feminism.

[1] Click on Advanced Search

[2] In the first open search box, type feminis*

[3] In the Document Type limiter, check the box for Article

[4] Click on Search

[5] In the Results page, change the Sort order to Oldest First and click on Sort. The oldest articles date back to 1969.

[6] Analyze the Publication Date graph: most of the articles are in the decades 1070-1079 and 1990-1999


Find articles on the Bohemian style, looking for socioeconomic trends that coincide with this aesthetic

[1] Click on Advanced Search

[2] In the first open search box, type Bohemian, select Title in the fields Drop Down menu

[3] Click on Search

[4] In the Results page, look at the Document Type narrow filter and click on the link More options.....

In the following window select the relevant document types and click on Apply.


You can similarly look at the term Peasant and its use across time in fashion.