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History Vault: 2019 Releases

Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency Records [1853-1999] 

During its colorful 150-year history, Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency, the oldest company of private investigators in the United States – founded by Allan Pinkerton in the 1850s – pursued some of the nation’s most notorious criminals, like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Jesse James, Alfred Brady, John Dillinger and countless others. This fascinating collection, digitized in History Vault from the Library of Congress holdings, includes files on some of the Pinkerton’s most well-known cases. It offers exciting research opportunities in criminology, sociology, the history of law enforcement and labor relations.

Nazi Looted Art and Assets: Records on the Post-World War II Restitution Process

This module focuses on the diplomatic, legal and political maneuvering during and after World War II regarding German art looting in Europe, recovery of cultural objects dispersed during World War II, efforts by the U.S. and other Allied Powers to prevent the secreting of Axis assets, claims from victims for financial or property restitution from the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), other claims cases, and meeting minutes and background materials regarding the Tripartite Commission for the Restitution of Monetary Gold.

African American Police League Records [1961-1988]

Recent cases such as the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and the Black Lives Matter movement have brought the issue of police brutality onto the front page. However, police brutality has a long and troubled history.

This module documents how African American policemen in Chicago, beginning in 1968, attempted to fight against discrimination and police brutality by the Chicago Police Department and to improve relations between African Americans and police. Researchers will find a wealth of resources from the African American Police League, including annual reports, court files, meeting minutes, correspondence, clippings, topical files, newsletters, police brutality files, and publications and flyers covering the work of the AAPL and its education and action arm, the League to Improve the Community. The collection also contains items on numerous law enforcement and civil rights organizations across the country; materials on the suspension of AAPL executive director Renault Robinson from the Chicago Police Department and related lawsuits; and materials pertaining to the National Black Police Association.

Progressive Era:  Voices of Reform (1875-1945)

This module joins the growing sets of records in History Vault on the Progressive Era, one of the major reform eras in American History. The collections in this module consist of the correspondence, writings, speeches, diaries and photographs of five leading members of the Progressive movement: John R. Commons, Charles R. Van Hise, Richard T. Ely, Edward A. Ross and Charles McCarthy. Individually and collectively, these men proved they were more than idealists by devising and carrying out major reforms to solve the problems caused by the growth of industrialization following the Civil War. This module offers valuable insight into both the theorizing and practical legislation of the Progressive Era.

Revolutionary War and Early America: Collections from the Massachusetts Historical Society [1721-1860]

This module on one of the most-studied periods in American history consists of 26 collections from the holdings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, the first North American historical society and the first library to devote its primary attention to collecting Americana. The collections digitized by ProQuest from the holdings of the Massachusetts Historical Society focus on the Colonial Era, the Revolutionary War and the Early National Period, with some collections extending into the Civil War era.

Socialist Party of America Records [1897-1976] 

Of the many socialist organizations born during the late 19th and 20th centuries, the Socialist Party of America was perhaps the most well-known. With the Socialist Party of America Papers, students will find valuable primary sources for the study of the labor movement, civil rights, anti-war activities and the history of the “American left.” The Socialist Party of America Papers provide an exceptional historical overview of the Socialist Party of America as it struggled to gain support and realize its goals. Documents in the collection include correspondence, position papers, memoranda, financial records, pamphlets and broadsides, and leaflets. This outstanding collection is a must for historical research into American Socialism, labor and leftist thought in the 20th Century.