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Human Rights Studies Online


Human Rights Studies Online is a research and learning database providing comparative documentation, analysis, and interpretation of major human rights violations and atrocity crimes worldwide from 1900 to 2010. The collection includes primary and secondary materials across multiple media formats and content types for each selected event, including Armenia, the Holocaust, Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, Darfur, and more than thirty additional subjects. 


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Resources Include: 

  • Contemporary personal accounts and artifacts such as a sample of diaries, letters, individual papers, and personal items—identity cards, ration cards, government records such as arrest warrants and documentation of confiscation of property and forcible detention—that allow students to understand the impact of policies on individuals.
  • Contemporaneous television footage, photographs, and NGO press releases that show how events were portrayed in the media as they took place, as well as the efforts of NGOs to raise public awareness of these atrocity crimes.
  • Government, NGO, and court documentation, including memos, reports, court transcripts, and testimonies from victims and witnesses, many of which have never before been available digitally.
  • Documentaries, interviews, monographs, essays, and articles that help contextualize the primary sources and clarify the breadth of the events.
  • Selected works of arts and literature that memorialize those affected by the crimes and capture efforts at reconciliation.
  • Reference material such as maps, bibliographies, chronologies, and newly commissioned essays that provide key overviews and analyses of events.
  • Links to third-party web content, including resources local and contemporaneous to the events.


Civil war (41)

Crossing borders (17)

Ethnic cleansing (28)

Ethnic conflict (26)

Genocide (57)

Immigrant life (19)

Refugees (55)

Torture (17)

Violence (22)

War crimes (16)

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