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ProQuest in the Age of Institutional Repositories: Direct Deposits to IRs

A brief description of the ProQuest perspective on institutional repositories

Direct Deposits to IRs

In spring of 2010, ProQuest conducted a survey of institutions depositing dissertations and theses using our electronic submission tool, the ETD Administrator.  A re-occurring request was for ProQuest to make direct deposits into IRs.  Some of our Canadian partners also expressed a strong interest in a feature that would help populate repositories.     

We currently use SWORD (Simple Web-Service Offering Repository Deposit) for accommodating this request.  Direct deposits are being made directly to IR platforms developed in DSpace.  Examples of entities taking advantage of our SWORD capability include Duke University, University of Toronto, California Digital library among several others. If you are a librarian and/or your responsibility entails managing IR content, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding the possibility of direct delivery of dissertations and theses into your institutional repository.

Through the support of institutional repositories, ProQuest remains committed to providing premier archival and dissemination services.  We recognize the dissertation as a critical first step supporting new scholars at the start of their careers.  We work with our institutional partners and their authors to craft access and dissemination strategies that align with their institutional preferences.  

Information and support

For questions about Technical Support for deliveries to library servers or institutional repositories.  Please use the email below.