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ProQuest in the Age of Institutional Repositories: The ProQuest Stance

A brief description of the ProQuest perspective on institutional repositories

Demo the ETD Administrator

Universities and colleges interested in a trial of the ETD Administrator can find the demo version here: 

or by contacting Marlene Coles. Email:

ProQuest Services and Institutional Repositories

The majority of North American research intensive institutions depositing dissertations and theses with ProQuest have instititutional repositories. An increasing number of institutions which can be characteriized as "less" research intensive have also developed repositories.  Many of our smaller partners are participating in consortial IR arrangements.  California, Ohio and Texas are a few examples of states sponsoring statewide repositories which are utilized by their public institutions. 

We have observed that as institutions have rolled out their IRs, the most readily available content for populating them has been dissertations and theses.  ProQuest assists with this effort by returning to partners copies of these works in the form of PDFs, along with xml and supplemental files (audio, video, data, photographs, etc.).  A key feature of the ProQuest electronic submission tool (ETD Administrator) is its ability to facilitate these content deliveries. 

We make direct deposits of these files to library servers.  Some schools have moved this material from their servers to their repositories.  We have provided support for the repositories in this manner for a number of years.  Several partners with institutional repositories have taken the initiative and programmed the automatic the movement of files from the server to the repository.