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JP Morgan Research

The database features thousands of analyst reports covering over 3,000 global companies and all industries.

Searchable Fields

An accessible version of the Searchable Fields table is available below.

Field Name
Label Search Examples & Explanation
Anywhere   ‘monetary funds’
Anywhere searches across all fields in the record. Anywhere will also search full text in the PDFs.
Anywhere except full text NOFT NOFT(funds)
NOFT searches for keywords in the bibliographic data, citation, and abstract. NOFT does not search the full text, and will exclude the content of PDFs from the search.
Abstract AB AB(breakeven)
AB searches for keywords in the abstract only.
Accession number AN AN(GPS-1260844-0)
AN is the J.P. Morgan Research unique record identifier.
Analyst/author AU AU(Webb, Matthew)
AU searches for documents written by a particular author.  Enter author names as:
Last Name, First Name
First Name Last Name
First name
Last Name
All the J.P. Morgan records are authored by Analysts from J.P. Morgan only.
Document number AN AN(21105886)
AN searches both the J.P. Moran accession number field and the ProQuest document ID.
Document text FT FT(monetary)
FT searches for your keywords in the full text of PDFs.
Document title TI TI(City National Corp)
TI searches for keywords in the title and the sub-title of the record.
GICS code/classification CL CL(Energy)
CL(10: Energy)

CL searches for records indexed with specific GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) classifications. J.P. Morgan Research records have GICS indexed up to 4 levels; all of these can be searched through the CL field. The search does allow searching on both the classification code and the classification expansion.

At the cross-search level, CL searches for J.P. Morgan Research records for a particular GICS code or expanded form, together with classification codes from other databases, such as ABI/INFORM Complete.
Issuer/company ORG ORG(Fedex)

ORG searches for records about a particular company or issuer. At the cross-search level, ORG searches for J.P. Morgan records for a particular company or issuer, and records from other ProQuest databases for the same company.

There could be companies indexed as the primary company in the record, or as a non-primary company. ORG searches both.
Issuer/company details ICD ICD(equity)
ICD(Positive sentiment)
ICD(US Dollar)
ICD(Revision or Resume)
ICD searches for your keywords in all of the company financial data. For example: company name, currency, country, fiscal year dates, security details like type identifier, action, rating, asset class, asset type, etc.
Issuer country LOC LOC(Brazil)
LOC searches for records about companies/issuers from a particular country.
Issuer currency CUR CUR(BRL: Brazil Real)
CUR(Brazil Real)
CUR searches for records about a particular company/issuer currency. It allows searching on the ISO currency code and expanded values.
Notes NT NT(Morgan)
NT searches for keywords in the Notes field.
Primary company primarycomp primarycomp(fedex)
When used, primarycomp searches for all records that have at least one company as the main focus of the report. If the Primary company check box is selected along with a Company name, then primarycomp will only find records that are focused primarily on that company.

Records where the particular company is mentioned, but is not the main topic of the report, will not surface in the search results.
Publication Date PD PD(Dec 2013)
PD searches for articles published on a specified date, or within a specified date range.
Publication Title PUB PUB(J.P. Morgan Economics Research Reports)
PUB searches for keywords in the publication title. There are 2 publications in J.P. Morgan Research:

1. J.P. Morgan Economics Research Reports
2. J.P. Morgan Equities Research Reports
Security action STA STA(Revision or Resume or Downgrade or Initiate or Drop)
STA searches for records that include a recommendation to do a specific action regarding securities.
Security asset class/type ATY ATY(Equity or Stock)
ATY searches for records with issuers/companies that have securities of a specific asset class or type.
Security currency SCUR SCUR(USD: US Dollar)
SCUR(US Dollar)
SCUR searches records with issuers/companies that have securities with a specific currency. It allows searching on the ISO currency code and expanded values.
Security ID/type SRT SRT(CUSIP 911312106)
SRT searches for records with issuers/companies that have securities with a specific security identifier type or value.
Security rating SRR SRR(Positive sentiment)
SRR searches for records with issuer/companies that have securities that have been given a specific rating that applies to a particular period of time.
Subject heading (all) SU SU(credit analysis)
SU searches for records indexed with a particular subject term. At the cross search level, SU searches for J.P. Morgan Research records for a particular subject keyword, together with subjects from other databases in your subscription.