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Latin America and Iberia Database: Sample Searches

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Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to Latin America & Iberia Database. For alternative methods of authentication and links to Latin America & Iberia Database please see the documents in the Additional Materials page.

Sample Searches

Basic Search

You are interested in finding information about Belo Monte, a hydroelectric dam under construction in Northern Brazil, which remains controversy due the opposition regarding its economic viability, the generation efficiency and its impacts on the region's people and environment.

  1. Go to Basic Search
  2. Enter the key words: hydroelectric and "belo monte". Remember to use "" to find the exact phrase. 
  3. In the search results page, you can use the publication date filter to find the lastest results.

You want to find information about phoenician archeology in the South of Spain, but you'd rather start with a general search and then refine:

  1. Go to Basic Search
  2. Enter the key words arqueología fenicia españa
  3. In the search results, look up the locations. You will see Cádiz as a location and you can apply a filter to retrieve the results.

Advanced Search

You want to see if you can find information about the efficiency of vaccines, but you don't want to deal with a high number of results.

  1. Go to Advanced search
  2. Write vacuna* and then select the "anywhere except full text field.
  3. Select the operator AND and then you can write eficiencia and eficacia in the two fields separated by OR. Select "anywhere".
  4. Your search should look like all(vacuna*) AND (eficiencia OR eficacia)

You want to find information about the production of sugarcane in Brazil and its use in biodiesel fuels.

  1. Go to advanced search
  2. write sugarcane or sugarcane or cana-de-acucar and select "Abstract".
  3. select the operator and and in the next field write Bra?il.
  4. In the next row select the operator "and" and write the last search term, biodiesel.
  5. The search should look like: AB(sugar cane OR sugarcane OR cana-de-acucar) AND bra?il AND biodiesel

​You want to find studies about investments in innovation in Colombia

  1. Go to advanced search
  2. In the first row write Colombia and select LOC (location) as your search field
  3. In the next row select the operator "and" and then write innovación or innovation
  4. In the next row select the operator and and write inversión or investment
  5. your search should look like: loc(Colombia) AND (innovación OR innovation) AND (inversión OR investment)
  6. In the results page, you can filter by document type, you will see 6 case studies you can filter
  7. You can also filter by subjects, where you will see 138 studies that you can filter further, for example  using the publication date to retrieve the most recent.

You seem to recall someone mentioning an article about power in the lost city of Tartessos, using the writings of Herodotus and you would like to find it.

  1. Go to advanced search
  2. write Tartessos and poder and Herodot* and select "Title" as your desired search field.
  3. Your search should look like:  ti(Tartessos AND poder AND Herodot*)
  4. The article you were looking for is: Heródoto y Argantonio: Un testimonio sobre la forma de poder en Tartessos


You would like to browse all the publications about agriculture in Portuguese:

  1. Go to Publications Search
  2. In the "Narrow publications list" menu select "Portuguese" in the language filter
  3. Then select "agriculture" in the publication subject menu
  4. You will see that there are 7 publications about agriculture in Portuguese.

You would like to browse volume 25, published in 2015 of the journal Anales de Historia del arte

  1. Go to Publications Search
  2. In the search box, write "Anales de Historia del arte" and select "title begins with"
  3. Click on the journal title
  4. Scroll down to "Browse specific issues" and select 2015. Click on the desired volume to browse it.