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Legislative Insight

Point of use instruction for researchers

Legislative Insight Modules

Legislative Insight Part A, 1929-2012 (71st -112th Congresses):
  • 18,058 histories
  • includes all Major Laws 1929-2012* and all CIS histories from 1970-2012 (many with updated research and indexing).

* Major laws are those that are identified in a CRS report "Major Acts of Congress and Treaties Approved by the Senate, 1789-1980"


Legislative Insight Part B, 1789-1965 (1st to 89-1 Congresses):

Focusing on laws enacted prior to 1929:

  • 9,000 new histories
  • Major Laws 1789-1928*
  • Other laws from 1789-1928 identified by researchers, customers, or other sources as important
  • Additional laws from 1929-1965 not included in Legislative Insight Part A, also Public Resolutions and pre-57th Congress public laws that were enacted before the Public Law numbering system was established— (these laws will only have a Statutes at Large number as their identifier).


Legislative Insight Prospective

New laws from 2013-forward (113th Congress)


ProQuest Legislative Insight Major Laws (1789-present)

A subset of ProQuest Legislative Insight with content selected to support entry-level study of U.S. History, Political Science, and Government. A great resource that simplifies teaching and learning how a bill becomes a law. Suitable for 4-year academic, community colleges and public libraries.