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An accessible version of the Searchable Fields table is available below.

Field Name Label Search Examples & Explanation
Abstract  AB AB(Marriage equality)

The abstract provided by the journal is reproduced with little or no modifications. If no abstract is provided, one is created by the ProQues editorial team, drawing on the article’s text and concepts.  Abstracts are available from 1987.
Anywhere   ("Homosexual rights" OR "Gay rights")    

Enter keyword(s) without a field code label to search the entire record.
Anywhere except full text ALL ALL(Civil unions)     

Searches for keywords in the citation and abstract. It is a full record search, but does not include a search on the full text.
Author AU AU(Abbott, Charlotte)     

Finds documents written by a particular author. Use the Look Up list to verify the various formats of the same name. 
Document Text FT FT("Transgender issues")    

Searches for keywords in the body of the article. 
Document Title TI TI(Activism)    

Locates the occurrence of search words in the title of the article.
International Standard Serials Number ISSN ISSN(09506101)     

Looks for the eight digit International Standard Serials Number (ISSN), where available. Hyphens are optional.
Country of Publication   CP CP(United Kingdom)     

Specific publication country.
Publication Title PUB PUB(The Advocate)     

Specific publication or publications.
Publication subject(JSU) JSU JSU(Matrimony)  

Look for publications about a specific subject.