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Library & Information Science Collection: Sample Searches

Assists library science students, researchers, and professionals find the relevant scholarly content for topics in their field

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Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to the Library & Information Science Collection through your institution.

Sample Searches

Basic Search

You're curious about a career in knowledge management and what the term itself means.  Entering knowledge management in the basic search box will reveal results by relevance (typically--unless changed by your institution).  You will see most of those results are from scholarly journals.  You can also facet/narrow to full text and peer reviewed.  

Once you learn a little bit about knowledge management, you can pinpoint your search even further by modifying your search to be "knowledge management" AND career  (notice the quotes around knowledge management).  This will target your search to information about working in the field.  

Advanced Search

You are charged with investigating open source software.  To quickly narrow to results with this as the Subject, use the dropdown and select Subject heading (all)--SU which will result in an exact subject match for that topic (you can use the Look up Subjects feature for even more exactness).  To narrow immediately even more, use the next box (after the word AND) to examine only publications with the word library/libraries in the title.  Type in libr* and select Publication title--PUB from the drop down.  This will result in open source software being examined in only library type publications.  

By modifying the search and removing the PUB search, the results would come from information and systems management sources (among others) as well.

After the results display, you can sort by oldest first to see when the topic first hit the database as well as what was being imagined for open source software.  


You're interested in seeing what types of publications are in the Library & Information Science Collection that have to do with publishing or publishers.

  • Click on the Publications link (next to the Basic Search and Advanced Search options).
  • Type publish* in the Publication Search box for title.
  • Other choices for searching publications include "Title begins with" or " In publication summary" or "In subject"--which will also provide a Look up link.
  • After your results are shown, you can then facet to publication type, subject, publisher, database and more.