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Field Name Label Search Examples & Explanation
Abstract  AB AB(military training)

The abstract provided by the journal is reproduced with little or no modifications. If no abstract is provided, one is created by the ProQues editorial team, drawing on the article’s text and concepts.  Abstracts are available from 1987.
Accession Number AN AN(1774713871)

Search the unique database ID for articles and documents.
Anywhere   (cybersecurity)    

Enter keyword(s) without a field code label to search the entire record.
Anywhere except full text ALL ALL(“artillery systems”)     

Searches for keywords in the citation and abstract. It is a full record search, but does not include a search on the full text.
Author AU AU(Foss Christopher)     

Finds documents written by a particular author. Use the Look Up list to verify the various formats of the same name. 
Caption CAP CAP(black hawk)     

Use to search image captions.
Cited Author CAU CAU(Ferraro)     

Searches for an author that is part of the Cited References section of a record. 
Cited Document Title CTI CTI(unmanned)    

Search for document titles that are part of the Cited References section of a record. 
Cited Publication Date CYR CYR(October 2000)    

Searches for publication dates that are part of the Cited References section of a record. 
Cited Publication Title CPUB CPUB(climate dynamics)   

Searches for a publication title that is part of the Cited References section of a record. 
Company/Organization  ORG ORG(Halliburton)      

Searches for a company or other organizations featured prominently in an article. 
Digital Object Identifiers DOI DOI(10.1057/jird.2014.3)      

Searches for documents with DOIs using the DOI search.
Document Feature  DF DF(Chart)     

Searches for features in an article such as charts, diagrams, illustrations or photographs.
Document Number AN AN(1774713871)       

Searches both the ProQuest document ID (applied to all documents) and the 3rd party document ID (applied to some databases, such as PsycINFO).
Document Text FT FT(“no fly zone”)    

Searches for keywords in the body of the article. 
Document Title TI TI(trade and  Pakistan)    

Locates the occurrence of search words in the title of the article.
Document Type DType DType(article)   

Finds specific document types such as article, business case, company profile, market research…
International Standard Book Number ISBN ISBN(9780549687191)      

Looks for the 12 and 13 digit International Standard Book Number (ISBN), where available. Hyphens are optional.
International Standard Serials Number ISSN ISSN(00014788)     

Looks for the eight digit International Standard Serials Number (ISSN), where available. Hyphens are optional.
Language  LA LA(Spanish)       

Original language of the document. 
Location  LOC LOC(Egypt)     

Specific geographic area or location.
Person  PER PER(Obama)      

Finds articles mentioning a person.
Product Name NP NP(Ford Ranger)      

Finds articles mentioning a specific product.
Publication date PD PD(20151020)     

Specific publication date. 
Publication Title PUB PUB("jane’s defence weekly”)     

Specific publication or publications.
References REF REF(Birdsall, Andrea)       

Looks for the data in a cited reference. It will search all of the main components of a cited reference (cited author, cited document title, cited publication date, and cited publication title). 
Source type SType STYPE(newspapers)     

Finds specific source types such as books, newspapers or scholarly journals. 
Subject Heading(All) SU SU(warfare)  

Look for articles about a specific subject. A search for the subject heading "warfare", will find articles with the subject warfare, air warfare or electronic warfare. To run an exact subject search where only “warfare” is retrieved and not subject terms that contain additional terms, search using EXACT.       

Volume VO VO(100)    

Volume of a resource.