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The Clippings feature in is a way that users can see what others are interested in as well as save articles to their own personal accounts (not necessary to use, but a helpful feature for those who want to save clippings).  

Working with Clippings

To clip an article, just click the "Clip" button in the viewer, move and resize the clipping box around the article you want to clip, and, if you want, add a title or description for the clipping.

Once you've clipped something, it is saved to your clippings list where you can easily find it again. Just click on the "Clippings" link at the top of the page. You can also get to this list by clicking the arrow next to your member name in the upper right of the page and selecting "My Clippings."

You can easily share clippings by email or on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or other social sites. When you share a clipping, your friends can see the image even if they don't have access to Library Edition. You can also use a clipping to add a comment or additional information to a page or story.

By default, clippings you make are "public" (other people will see what you've clipped on the Clippings page, in search, or on your profile). You can make a clipping private by clicking the "settings" icon (  ) and unchecking the box next to "Public."

If you click the settings icon at the top of the My Clippings list page, you can change the default setting so that new clippings are not public.