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Creating a Profile

When executing certain commands in Library Edition, you may be prompted to create a log in (or sign in if you already have a login).  You can create a unique login or use your Facebook credentials.

You can also create a login prior to being prompted by clicking on Sign-in in the upper right corner of the interface and completing the "Sign up today" process as well.

Benefits of a Profile Library Edition is provided through your library or organization with no additional credentials necessary to access content beyond what your library requires (getting to through their website, be physically present in the library, etc.).  

However, in order to interact with content like creating clips or sharing or saving searches, you may want to create a username and password for simply this purpose.  This can be unique or accomplished using your Facebook credentials.

Using a personal login will allow you to:

  • see and modify or make private a public profile of activity
  • see and modify your account details such as email address, password, communication settings, etc. 
  • interact with your clippings by searching, editing, or sharing them
  • browse your recently viewed items and clear browse history

Profile page