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Introduction to searching Medline and PsycInfo on Dialog (click to read the full description)

Introduction to searching on ProQuest (click to read the full description)

Advanced Searching on ProQuest (click to read the full description)

Searching APA PsycInfo on ProQuest (click to read the full description)

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Special Feature - Coronavirus Searching in ProQuest
​Listen to this brief 9 minute recording illustrating best practices for effective research and documentation searches on Coronavirus in ProQuest
Coronavirus Brief Search Example Recording ►

British Nursing Index

The British Nursing Index is the bibliographic resource supporting the practice, education, and research of nurses, midwives, and healthcare professionals in the U.K. and the greater nursing community. 

This resource includes essential coverage from U.K. and other English language nursing and midwifery publications. High impact international titles in these areas are also included, along with selective citations from relevant medical, allied health, and management journals.

How can I Export/Download Results from ProQuest?


There are many options available to export/download results from Proquest.

1 - the most common way is selecting a certain number of results (up to 100 records per page and more then one page can be selected).

2 - if all the results of a search session are needed, up to a maximum of 20,000 records per time, the Export Results feature can be activated and used, by registering to My Research. Export Results can be used 10 times per day. Find more details on this feature in this document:


PsycINFO® and PsycARTICLES®  These resources are offered on the ProQuest platform, pairing their authoritative content with powerful discovery, linking, and retrieval tools that are useful in exposing related content, dynamically linking to full-text documents, and much more.

Each APA database is extremely powerful on its own, but in combination and on the ProQuest platform, they create an essential core of behavioral science literature with far-reaching interdisciplinary applications, establishing extraordinary value for any institutional collection.

Health Research Premium Collection

Health Research Premium Collection

Health Research Premium Collection

In the medical field, access to the latest health care information is always essential, whether it's for students, researchers, medical professionals, hospital administrators, or even for patients and their families. This database addresses these diverse needs by offering a central access point to a variety of essential content. Health Research Premium Collection serves a wide range of users with a broad collection of journals, evidence-based resources, and full-text dissertations, and includes the top ProQuest health and medical databases.

   Non-Periodical Content in HRPC:

  • Over 200 Nursing Videos
  • Over 120K Dissertations
  • Over 250 ebooks (in chapters)
  • 26 CultureGrams Provinces Edition 
  • 209 CultureGrams World Edition

Included databases. Click on each database to see e-learning modules and guidies:


MEDLINE®  is a bibliographic database produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. The database contains over 23 millions of citations and abstracts, derived from thousands of biomedical and life science journals, and indexed with Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) from the NLM controlled vocabulary. Extending back to 1946, annual input now exceeds 700,000 citations.

MEDLINE® has extensive subject coverage including: biomedical areas; mental health; reproductive health; epidemiology; surgical and pharmaceutical intervention; nursing practice; ethical and legal issues; institutional operations; laboratory techniques and procedures; diagnosis and management; clinical research trials and experimental treatment protocols; legislation and regulation; allied health specialties; continuing education; investigational drugs and new drug uses; and some veterinary medicine.