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News, Policy & Politics Magazine Archive: Sample Searches

Links to News, Policy & Politics Magazine Archive

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Sample Searches

Basic Search

A user wants to read news coverage of the end of World War II.

  • TYPE:  world war ii
  • CLICK:  search
  • Using the date filter on the left side of search results, either use the slider bars to limit to the 1940s, and then to 1945, or use the option to Enter a Date Range (note date formatting).
  • SORT: by Oldest first to review results in chronological order.

Advanced Search

A user wants to find out about the ideas behind UNESCO World Heritage sites. Using two boxes on the Advanced Search form:

  • In the 1st box TYPE: unesco world heritage
  • In the 2nd box TYPE: organizing ideas or ideas or formation
  • CLICK:  Search
  • Use sorting by RELEVANCE to review results.


Publications Search

A users wants to read coverage of the Schengen Agreement (measures intended to abolish border checks at the signatories' common borders) in Europe magazine.

  • CLICK on Publication search
  • SCROLL to find Europe. CLICK on title
  • SCROLL past publication information to Search within this publication.
  • TYPE:  Schengen Agreement
  • CLICK:  Search
  • SORT: by Oldest first to review results in chronological order