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ProQuest OASIS: Simplified OASIS Site Navigation

Play Site & Training Webinar Information




Preview these features on OASIS “Play Site”

Before making these changes “live” in OASIS, we want to give you some time to familiarize yourself with the new site navigation. Starting on March 13th, 2018, you will have access to an OASIS “Play Site”. This play site has the new navigation features and you can use this site to train yourself and your team. On March 27th, 2018, these features will become available in the live OASIS site.

  • Click here for OASIS “Play Site”
  • Please use your current username and password to log in. Then select “Continue to Version 5 Play”
  • This Play Site mirrors your OASIS set up and configuration but any actions you take in this site will not be carried over to your OASIS account. This site is for training purposes only
  • Please note that users of the “Lite” version of OASIS will automatically be upgraded to the standard OASIS version with this release


Sign Up for Customer Training Webinar


We will offer live customer training webinars on:

March 20  at 11:00 am EST


March 20  at  5:30 pm EST 


Key Dates

  • March 13th:  Play period starts at 12:00 am EST
  • March 13th to March 26th : Play period
  • March 20th: Customer Training Webinars 11am EST & 5:30pm EST
  • March 27th: Feature available in OASIS at 12:00am EST


Any questions – please contact us at

Site Navigation in OASIS

Quick Summary of this release:

  • The login page (still accessible at has been decluttered – announcements for down times will still appear when applicable
  • OASIS-Play can still be accessed from URL ( but it is no longer available from the main OASIS login page
  • The OASIS navigation menu has been repositioned and simplified
  • Clickable dropdown options are now available across top of the screen and options categorized into 3 or 4 topics based on the user’s access level and settings within OASIS, which can vary significantly
    • Review Titles
      1. My Titles – includes titles pushed to the user (this list shows all possible pages within each menu option depending on the user’s access level and account settings)
        1. Authorize Orders
        2. Requests (only available when a request recipient is needed – rare)
        3. Slip notifications (requires a profile)
        4. Approval review shelf (available only when activated)
        5. On hold for Alternate formats, formerly referred to as editions (available only when activated)
        6. Inbox (always available)
        7. iFound Lists (only available when activated)
      2. Library Titles – includes titles available for all to view when activated
        1. Approval books selected (only visible when profile is activated)
        2. DDA (only visible when profile is activated)
        3. Approval rejects (only available when Approval books selected is activated)
    • My Lists (or) My Lists & Groups (functionality has not changed) - includes:
      1. User created lists (specific to the user logged in)
      2. Recycling Bin
      3. Group lists (refers to community groups only, not to lists of titles) only displays if the library administrator has set a default Community Group
    • Orders – all order related activity has been moved to this header including order history and purchase related management reports
    • Profiles (only if the library has profiles)
  • Shopping Cart – visible on every page with total number of items in cart and monetary value
  • Administration is now located in the upper far right as part of the account profile icon – click the icon to access:
    • User and account name
    • Account Settings -  replaces Manage Account
    • Group Settings - replaces Manage Group and is always visible to the Administrator but only visible to other users if settings specific to the library account have been activated
    • Manage Requestor
    • Set up Community Groups
    • Logout
  • Former Lite users have been automatically upgraded to the simplified standard version of OASIS.    

Detailed Changes

The login page has been simplified:

The landing page has not changed but does appear less cluttered with the menu moved to the top.

Menu options are now available across the top of every page.  Menu categories and topics within each option are based on the individual users access level and the account settings.

Each page within most of the menu options are laid out as noted in the following screenshot with the page identified on the left and additional feature icons moved to the right along with the Sort by field.

Review Titles (click for a dropdown) has two sections:

  • My Titles – includes titles pushed to the user in the following categories.  Each page is clearly identified but each page functionality has remained the same.
    • Authorize orders (if you are a ratifier)
    • Requests (if you review faculty requests forms)
    • Slip notifications (if activated) – changes have been made to the navigation layout across the top of the screen – icon options have been moved to left
    • Approval review shelf (if activated)
    • On hold for Alternate formats, formerly referred to as editions (if activated)
    • Inbox
    • iFound Lists (if activated)
  • Library Titles – includes titles available for all to view when an associated profile is established.
    • Approval books selected
    • DDA
    • Approval rejects
  • My Lists (or) My Lists & Groups header changes are noted in the following screenshot (page functionality has not changed):

Click to open desired menu option – which can include:

  • User lists (specific to user logged in)
  • Recycling Bin (always available)
  • Group lists – refers to Community Groups (if activated and the library administrator has set a default Community Group)
    • Create new Community Group
    • Create new list
  • Orders – all order related activity has been moved to this menu header and includes 3 categories as noted below


  • Firm & Approval Orders
    • Search orders & invoices
    • Approval books selected
    • iFound cancelled orders
  • Standing Orders
    • Search orders
    • Search all series
    • Checklist
    • Account status
    • Delivery detail
    • Blocked series
  • Payments & Invoices
    • ProQuest Invoice Portal (new)
  • Purchasing Activity Reports
    • By fund
    • By classification
    • By publisher
    • By interdisciplinary & geographic studies
    • Returns activity
  • Profiles (visible only for libraries with profiles)

  • View My Profiles
    • Slip, Approval & DDA
  • Profile Activity Reports
    • Activity snapshot
    • Books & slips comparative
    • Profile analysis
    • Approval centre coverage
  • Quick access to the Shopping Cart   which shows number of items waiting and the total is also visible on every page

  • Access to Help  
  • Administration and logout options
  • Quick search and Advanced search options
  • The Quick search and Advanced search option has been added to every page in a bar just below the main menu options.  A dropdown has also been added to Quick search for the most popular and frequent searches.

  • Former Lite functionality:
    • Former Lite users will now access common actions like Add to cart and List/Forward via an Action arrow dropdown rather than buttons in the row.  These new features allow for quicker and easier selection, list creation and ordering.  For LibGuide documentation click here.
    • Former Lite users have been setup initially without the split screen view but if you would like to change your display go to the user icon in the upper right of your screen and select Account settings.  Then select Preferences: