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Periodicals Index Online (PIO): Sample Searches

A guide to all aspects of Periodicals Index Online including content, searching, and viewing results on the ProQuest platform

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Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to Periodicals Index Online.

Sample Searches

Basic Search

- You would like to find peer reviewed articles about corruption in governments or politicians.

  • Type in the search box corruption NEAR/3 (government OR politic*)
  • Click Search

NOTE: NEAR/n is the proximity search operator, which looks for documents that contain two search terms, in any order, within a specified number of words apart. Replace 'n' with a number. In the example, 3 means within 3 words.


Advanced Search

- You would like to find some of the articles that Sigmund Freud wrote about psychoanalysis

  • Type in the search box psychoanalysis and select Anywhere from the field code drop-down menu
  • Type freud, s* in the second search box and select Author from the field code drop-down menu
  • Click Search

NOTE: To retrieve articles where an author is listed by their first initial, as well as those where the full name is listed, use the truncation symbol (*).


- You are interested in tracking how quickly the term “robot” moved into regular use in the 10 years after the first stage production of Karel Čapek’s R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots) in 1921.

  • Type in the search box robot and select Anywhere from the field code drop-down menu
  • In the Publication date drop-down menu, select Specific Date Range and type 1921 in the Start box and 1931 in the End box.
  • Click Search

NOTE: You can also run your search without any Publication date limitation and then narrow your search results by clicking on the Enter a specific date range right underneath the Publication date histogram     


- For your movement history class, you need to find articles about modern dance that were published in fine arts journals.

  • Type “modern dance” and select Anywhere from the field code drop-down menu
  • Under Search options, click on Look up Publication subject next to the Journal Subject(s) field and type in Fine Arts, select it and then click Add to search
  • Click Search.

 NOTE: Put quotation marks around phrases like “modern dance” in order to search for these words as exact phrases.


- A friend has put a challenge to you: How many scholarly journal articles can you find about Dostoevsky written in Russian?

  • Type dosto* and select Anywhere from the field code drop-down menu
  • Tick the Scholarly Journals Limit to option
  • Under Search options, tick Russian within the Language limit box
  • Click Search

 NOTE: Because of the difficulty of transcribing the Cyrillic alphabet into the Latin alphabet, Russian names are spelled in many different ways. To retrieve as many spellings as possible, use the truncation symbol (*) after entering as few characters as possible.


- You want to find articles about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, but you are not interested in discussions of stage or screen performances.

  • Type frankenstein and select Anywhere from the field code drop-down menu
  • In the second search box, select Publication Subject from the field code drop-down.
  • Check the box next to Performing Arts in the list, then click Add to terms.
  • In the Publication Subject field, select the operator NOT to the left of EXACT "Performing Arts"
  • Click Search

NOTE: You can use the Identifier/Keyword limit in the Narrow Results by in order to include or exclude any of the automatic generated keywords that have been extracted from the title of each document by the search engine.


Publications search

- You are interested in finding all of the Linguistics/Philology journals that publish articles in both French and Portuguese.

  • From the Publications tab, select Linguistics/Philology in the Publication subject under Narrow publications list
  • Click on More options under the Language field and include both
  • French and Portuguese, click Apply