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ProQuest One Academic: eBooks

By deeply engaging with our users and librarians we’ve improved the usability of the platform and made it easier for users to engage with eBooks. And because users interact with our platform on their laptops, smart phones, and tablets, we provide a consistent experience across all devices. 

The eBooks Academic Compete collection covers over 185,500 titles from top publishers, award-winners, and are mapped to graduation rates and trends. All the books offer DRM free chapter downloads with the ability to highlight, cite and annotate. 

Benefits to users include: 

  • Unlimited, multi-user access -- NO TURN AWAYS! 
  • Mobile Friendly intuitive interface
  • Download for offline reading
  • Useful research tools 
  • Cross-searching with your other ProQuest content on a single interface

Through the Basic Search page you were shown how a user can select a source type filter to narrow their search directly to a specific source type. Below we'll show you how the integrated search results page can be easily navigated when you have searched all the sources together (the default behavior from the Basic and Advanced Search page). With this example, we are going to focus on how you can quickly pull up eBooks when you have a diverse set of results and how you can work within the newly updated eBook reader. 

Each record from the results page will have a source type icon. When you come across ebooks in your results page, you will see a thumbnail of the book jacket. 

Click the document title, the table of contents, or the relevant chapters link to open the full record. Each record from the results page also has a Preview link which will display the major bibliographic fields beneath the record. 


You may also see the Book recommendation feature from your results page. When you search across ProQuest One Academic, you may see suggestions to Books that match your search or Videos that match your search. This panel will appear to the right-side of the results and will only appear if you have submitted a search that includes the Books and Audio & Video source types. If you used the filters to limit yourself to certain source types such as Scholarly Journals or Newspapers, then these suggestions will not appear.

Whe you click on a suggested item from Books that match your search, or directly from the list of integrated results, you will be taken to the document view and from there you can view the books or videos. 


source type filter pointing to booksAnother way to locate eBooks is to use the Source type menu from the Narrow Results by/Filter menu on the left-hand side of the results page. Under the Source type menu, you can select books from the list of available source types or click the More link to display other source types that are part of your current set of results. 

After making your source type selection, the results page will now display the chosen source type. If you would like to view more than one source at a time, click the More link and then select to Include or Exclude source types. Remember that eBooks will have the book jacket visible on the record. 

Ebook Central document viewSelecting an ebook record takes you to the unique EBook Details Viewer. The updated view and eBook reader are integrated into ProQuest and mirrors the experience that you have from eBook Central without having to leave ProQuest. The Ebook Central Bookshelf is now accessible within ProQuest so that you can save your eBooks directly to your Bookshelf without having to leave ProQuest. You can login using your existing Bookshelf credentials or create a new Bookshef account here. 

From the eBook Details View you will see the book Availability, Description, Table of Contents, Book Details, and the following tools: Read OnlineDownload Book (not available for all titles and duration varies), Add to Bookshelf, Share Link to Book and Cite Book. Once you click Read Online or select a portion of the book from the Table of Contents, you are taken to the eBook Document Viewer within ProQuest. See below for more tips and information.  


Ebook Reader

After selecting the Read Online option, you are taken to the full text of the eBook. This is also known as the eBook reader or eBook Document Viewer

1. From the left panel, there are four selectable tabs: Table of Contents, the Book Details (including online allowances), Annotations, and Search within book. You can close this panel to create more screen space for the book contents. 

2. From the top tool bar, you'll see the set of features that you can use to work with the book content.

Full Download: Download the entire book for a time period of 1 - 21 days (options vary and not all titles allow full downloads). The full book download requires the use of Adobe Digital Editions or Blue Fire Reader for mobile device downloads. You must have a Bookshelf account to use this feature. Visit the Full Download page on our Ebook Central LibGuide to learn more. 

Chapter Download: Download a chapter or section of the book to PDF. PDF does not expire as it is downloaded to your local machine/device. Page restrictions are listed. You must have a Bookshelf account to use this feature. 

Copy: Copy a section of the book. Page restrictions are listed. You must have a Bookshelf account to use this feature.

Print to PDF: Print a section of the book. Page restrictions are listed. You must have a Bookshelf account to use this feature. 

Add to Bookshelf: Bookshelf is a personal account that you use with Ebook Central eBook content. This account is separate from the ProQuest My Research account. Use the Bookshelf account to manage and organize your eBooks for ease of access and to share resources and content with others. 

Share Link: Create a durable/persistent URL to any section of the book. 

Get Citation: Create a citation for the book in any of the six citation styles listed. Export option to RefWorks and EndNote/Citavi are also available here. 

Highlight: Highlight the book content for ease of access to relevant and important sections. Highlighting is kept track of in the Annotations menu from the left panel. The annotations are also available through your Bookshelf account. Must have a Bookshelf account to use this feature. 

Add Note: Add important notes to the text of the book for future reference. Notes are kept track of in the Annotations menu from the left panel. The annotations are also available through your Bookshelf account. Must have a Bookshelf account to use this feature. 

Add Bookmark: Add a Bookmark to any page of the text that you want to remember/refer to later. The bookmarks are kept track of in the Annotations menu from the left panel. The annotations are also available through your Bookshelf account. Must have a Bookshelf account to use this feature.

Zoom Out, Zoom In, Zoom: Use these options to adjust the view and size of the text display. 

Go to Page: Enter a page number to navigate directly to that page. 

Previous/Next Arrows: Use to navigate forward or backward through the full text of the book.