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ProQuest One Academic: Dissertations & Theses

ProQuest One Academic offers your library the breadth of content to serve diverse curricula and student bodies and support the growing number of interdisciplinary researchers, whose work relies on finding links and patterns in content across curriculum areas. In-demand resources from around the world will provide context that help students think critically about the world around them.

The graduate works collection found in ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global contains over 4,000,000 dissertations & theses from universities all over the world. Researchers can search the entire text including the bibliography, not just the abstract. There are also tens of thousands of supplemental and multimedia works with searchable metadata and abstracts included. The curated content and expertly applied metadata leads to relevant search results so that you can surface primary, original research that provides context to published work and provides access to significant scholarly communication across disciplines. 

Through the Basic Search page you were shown how a user can select a source type filter to narrow their search directly to dissertations & theses. Below we'll show you how the integrated search results page can be easily navigated when you have searched all the sources together (the default behavior from the Basic and Advanced Search page). With this example, we are going to focus on how you can quickly pull up graduate works such as dissertations & theses when you have a diverse set of results. 

bibliographic reference of a dissertation from the results pageEach record from the results page will have a source type icon, such as this diploma for Dissertations & Theses

Click the document title or one of the document format options below the record to open the full record. Document format options may include Abstracts/Details, Preview - PDF (approximately the first 24-pages), Full-text PDF, and References. Each record from the results page also has a Preview link which will display the major bibliographic fields beneath the record.

source type filter pointing to dissertations and theses


Another way to locate Dissertations & Theses is is to use the Narrow results by/Filter menu on the left-hand side of the page. Under the Source type menu, you can select Dissertations & Theses from the list of available source types or click the More link to display other source types that are part of your current set of results. 

After making your source type selection, the results page will now display the chosen source type. If you would like to view more than one source at a time, click the More link and then select to Include or Exclude source types. 



While in the full record, you'll see the different document formats available through separate tabs. Notice that this Dissertations includes a References tab. See the References list for the complete document bibliography and if any of the documents are part of your ProQuest subscription, you'll be able to view the full document. Additionally, some documents come with a Cited by list. This will show you what other ProQuest resources cited this particular document. This allows researchers to easily connect to other relevant resources. You may also see a link to Documents with shared references that displays ProQuest resources that have references in common. 

To the right of the document you'll see the large Download PDF button to easily and quickly take the document out of ProQuest. Below that includes options for citing the text, email, print, and save. The save feature is also where you'll find the Export to RefWorks and Save to My Research where you can create a personal account to manage your ProQuest research. 

You'll also find a Related items section with relevant suggestions to help you locate additional documents.

Note that the Abstract/Details tab is where you'll find the unique indexed fields in all dissertations & theses such as subject, classification, advisor, university name, university location, degree, and degree date. It's the idexing work and document review that ProQuest does that makes content easily discoverable.